Monday, June 11, 2007

OK I'm insane lol

SOOOOO much to do. Charles is getting ready for his oral exams, John is feeling better (you can always tell when they start talking 90 miles an hour and asking if they can go out lol)

I have to promote my new sale at DSC - 40% off! I have two new kits in the works as well as 3 more of the Personal/Commercial Use Flowers PLUS I need to finish up the layouts and print them for my Pop's Father's Day Scrapbook so that I can get it packaged up and shipped to NY to arrive before Father's Day lol. Then of course there is the laundry and dinner prep and what not. Argh not enough hours in the day. Alex has another interview tomorrow (keeping fingers crossed again)

I will be back later with some of the wonderful layouts my CT have created. Thankfully Tracy and her family are doing well and made it unscathed through the horrible floods that bombarded Australia this past week. Say a prayer for those people affected by the floods today ok?

Cya later ;)