Friday, January 12, 2007

I can't take it anymore...

OK here we go, I am going to ramble and most likely, make someone angry, insult them .... whatever. I just got an e-mail from one of my less favorite sites announcing a sale they are having. 25% off (Actually it's what they consider clearance - less than 50% I consider a sale but whatever that's not my point) It goes on to say that they are giving me a coupon for an additional 10% off my purchase too (minimum $25 purchase required....insert raised eyebrow emoticon here along with a yawn) ANYWAY.... here is where stupidity takes over and my aggravation begins. They then claim that between the 25% and the coupon good for an additional 10% I have the opportunity to save 35%. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DID NO ONE PAY ATTENTION IN MATH CLASS? Ok, if you think they are right pay attention and I will break it down. For the sake of argument and to make the numbers easier let's say I have a $100 purchase. We take the 25% sale price off - that leaves $75. Ok now let's apply the coupon code and get that 10% off - do you see it already? 10% of $75 is $7.50. So my initial savings is $25 and now add the $7.50 and it gives you a total of $32.50 savings. The last time I checked $32.50 was NOT 35% of $100. ARRRGGHHHH It makes me nuts because no one ever pays attention. I do the numbers in my head all the time. I hit sales and can spend $80 at Dillards during a sale and know within a couple of cents (the tax always messes me up because some people just do 7% and others do 6.5%) how much I am spending, discounts and all. There was a lady in front of me reaming a girl over $10 and she was wrong. Same type of situation but the woman assumed it was 90% and it wasn't it was like 79 or 80% discount because again it was like 75% and an additional 10% or something to that effect. I had to go over it twice before she got it. I couldn't keep my mouth shut, the poor girl looked terrified lol. Finally she got it, didn't say a word, paid the bill and huffed off. (The girl gave me 90% though for helping her lol) I am not sure what ticks me off more though. I don't know whether it's the fact that either A) The retailer is trying to pull one over and thereby insulting my intelligence B) The retailer is an idiot and really thinks it's 35% or C) That people have no respect for money or D) That this country is turning out a bunch of people who can't do simple math. I know, in the end, probably no one really gives a flying fig but this is just one of those things that really burns my biscuits.

Freebies, Chat's n Challenges

All next week will be chat's challenges and freebies to be had so come on over to DIGISCRAPCENTRAL There will be plenty of fun - at least 5 challenges already scheduled (including one of mine ;) ) and I hear tell that the Mega kit "New Beginnings" will be started to be handed out!

Chat schedule so far:

Wednesday 4 PM - Goals for 2007 Chat and a Challenge with Shannon
Thursday 2PM - Weekly Chat with Digibrandi
Friday 4 PM - Chat with Chari Originals Part III of her January Chat
Friday 11 PM - Chat with Ronda

DIGISCRAPCENTRAL is the place to be next week so be sure to be there for all the fun!

Chat Today at 4PM EST & a FREEBIE!

Don't forget part II of Chari Original's Month long Chat over at DigiScrapCentral. Today at 4PM EST 1 PM Pacific. She is feeling VERY generous and giving away Part I of her kit to those who missed it last week! This is the only chance you will get to get the first part if you missed it.

So come on over today to get Parts I AND Part II of this beautiful kit! First 5 LO's with this kit gets a *Special* prize!!