Monday, January 29, 2007

Internet problems.... again & DVD Burner issues

Argh, first for some reason Ilost the ability to burn DVD's with my Sonic which really stinks because I tried running KPT and it said I didn't have enough memory. I check all of my drives and lo and behold I only have a total of about 35 gigs! This is outrageous because I have an external hard drive that's 200gigs (actually 189 after you take out the space they used to create the drive) - there's about 24 gigs left on that and maybe 3 on the C drive and the rest is on my E drive. All of a sudden Sonic decides that it doesn't want to burn to DVDs. It starts, gets to about 32 megs and poops out. So I have been trying now to burn to cd's so at least I can get some of the stuff off of my computer. I burned 7 last night and of course, it didn't do much. I had also wanted to start keeping the kits I make on DVD instead of storing them on the computer that way I have a backup (and I noticed that my files for my newest kit are up around 3 gigs!) I have a total of about 15 gigs of zips and files to burn off, plus my 3D content ARGH. Alex is trying to get it to work but after 4 hours of me not being able to get on my computer and having withdrawals, I kicked him off lol. The Internet keeps lagging and dropping us still, we had I think one day where there were no problems getting around but now it's back to hiccupping again.

So for now it's got to be burn things off slowly and get enough space to work in until Alex finds the patch for this stupid thing. This ought to be fun - burning off around 30 gigs of content 700 megs at a time (eyeroll). I still have my layouts to finish up and the new kit to put together for the store.