Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I know it's horrible......

but I just can't help myself. I cannot pass up a chance to show off the STUPIDITY of monopolies, especially this monopoly. This was in my e-mail from FPL. Take a minute to read it then realize that FPL is the ELECTRIC COMPANY:


When the lights go out, seconds count! Get faster service by making sure FPL has your phone number and email address.

99% of people have cordless phones which means that there is NO WAY FPL can call them. Yeah sure there's a cell phone (maybe most of the elderly don't have them) but do you answer calls that come in from 800 numbers or numbers you don't recognize, do you get a signal everywhere you are? 99% of people use computers which plug into the wall into an ELECTRICAL OUTLET, if there's no electric then there is no way to get your e-mail. Sure some people have laptops, alot of people even but for the general public, most have desktops. Unless you are planning on spending your time out at the closest electric enabled Starbucks or similar place of business, eagerly awaiting that ALL important e-mail from FPL...... well, you get the idea. Know what really kills me? These people make more money than I do and a ton of it comes from me. SIGH.

Travel Channel or Pup Named Scooby Doo?

That was the issue here this morning as my oldest DS waddled into our bedroom in his blanket like a teenage Linus lol. Alex and I have a deal, we watch what he wants all day long and come nighttime (after our regularly scheduled programs) I get to watch what I want. So anyway, DS, in his whiniest voice says put on Cartoon Network, the Travel Channel is stupid and boring. Go watch tv in your room or the living room we tell him. And thus it starts, he is in annoying mode and determined to make us all nuts. So instead of flipping out on him for being annoying I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and gave him a huge hug. He liked that much better (and so did I lol). So at least for a little while now, he has calmed down.

So did you see 24 last night? OK show of hands how many people want to smack Jack's SIL? I have been wanting to smack her in the back of the head since last week. I don't care how many guns you have pointed at you, you tell your kid to keep going. And the Vice-President? One word.... Assasination. Is it Assasination when you shoot the Vice President? Hmmmm... anyway, he is a complete idiot, where the heck is the President? They need to get him out of the coma and have him steamroll all over the VP. That's all I'm saying, in case someone hasn't seen the last two episodes yet (right Shannon ;) ) CSI Miami was a little disappointing, it was good but eehh. Now HOUSE, we were hysterical watching that. "Give this to Miagi" TOO funny. Tonight is a new House no NCSI and a new Boston Legal.

Anyway, yesterday I printed out a few more LOs and while we were running around we stopped at Joanne's to check out the clearance section. This is how I get most of my scrapbook items. I got 3 rolls of ribbon (small ones about 2 yards each) for .25 cents, 1 large dark purple wired roll for .50 and two markers for .97 each and two ric racs one for $1.39 and the other for about .80. I usually get much better deals but they were pretty bare yesterday. Next time I stop somewhere it will be Michaels, I LOVE Michaels. They had a bow maker for .97 cents yesterday and I picked it up and put it down three times. All I kept thinking was, if I can't work this stupid thing I am going to be really annoyed. I ended up leaving it there and now I am wishing I had picked it up lol. I do that sometimes, can't make up my mind and then later on no matter what decision I made, I wish I had made the other decision lol. Oh well, no biggie really.

OK I am going to go and try to get some things done. My dryer broke this weekend and there is no way I can get a new one anytime soon. BIG SIGH. So for now I need to wash clothes and hang them up all over to get them to dry. Then I have a stand in the living room that holds the key bowl and a lamp, I want to repaint that a darker brown to match our table and chairs. I'll probably also work on a few kits and get my next challenge up over at Digi Scrap Central ;) New Sketch Challenge. These are always so much fun.

Have a great day!