Monday, August 27, 2007

Geesh what a weekend lol

So yes, John cut his knee open while riding his bike on the first day of school and got 8 stitches. There were also Dr appointments, grocery shopping, the doing of laundry without a dryer still, last minute shopping for school, changing our schedules to accommodate taking John to and from school for the next two weeks because he is on crutches and can't ride his bike until he gets the stitches out, Charles got into a fight on the way to school to walk his girlfriend home because some creep tried stealing his bike, could it have gotten anymore insane? Of course it could. It always can and with Murphy setting up shop here in our house, it ALWAYS does. It was SUPPOSED to be payday for Alex but their payroll company screwed up and now they won't get paid until Monday. Did I mention that Wednesday is John's 11th birthday and that we were going to get his gift this weekend? After leaving the house for the 3rd time on Friday - this time to get Alex - I had to wait for around 1/2 an hour because he was stuck working still -- there went more of my time at home. Of which I told him "They don't pay you enough to not pay you and make you work late" Plus there was traffic galore and every moron was out on the road Friday acting like it was New Years Eve and they couldn't wait to start pounding them down.

We finally manage to get home and there is an envelope outside of our door - on the ground. I knew what it was when I saw it, I've been saying that it was coming but no one believed me until I had that stupid envelope in my hand. After 7 years of living here, the leasing office has decided that they will NOT be renewing our lease this year and we must vacate by November. The only reason stated was that they were exercising their option to not renew. I know why they are really doing it though. We have one of the last apartments here which has not been upgraded to tile and other little goodies and it's also a top floor corner unit which means it is worth more money. So we are only paying a portion of what they could be getting for this apartment. I asked for a new stove - they don't even have the burner bibs for this model anymore - and I was told, well if you move into one of the other apartments you can have everything new. I said no, the next time we move it will be for good and I am not paying more and changing my address to move 1 block away in the same complex. I asked for the rugs to be changed which they are supposed to do once you are here 5 years and was told - yep the same thing. I am not moving I told her. So, apparently this is her way of saying "Yes you are moving" Then they want me to clean the place and paint etc whatever when we move - NOT HAPPENING. I was told by the previous manager that I wouldn't have to worry about any of that because they are pretty much going to gut the place and repaint etc. So, we have 2 months not only to find someplace else to live but to get up the $3,000 or so to do it with.

So that was enough to make my weekend right? Pffffftttt, apparently not. Charles wakes up Saturday morning looking and feeling like something the cat drug in. He's got a fever of like 101 and keeps hacking. Ok fine, give him some medicine BUT the boy can't swallow a pill. ARGH He has never been able to take pills. Thankfully he takes an Advil and actually is eventually able to swallow it because it's like an M&M. I try giving him an Advil Cold and Sinus at bedtime but they are caplets and he gags trying to take it, it wasn't pretty. Sooooo today Alex goes to CVS and gets the chewable Tylenol of which Charles has to take 4 because of his age and weight. Lo and behold, we wonder where John is because we don't hear him or see him. He's in his bed OUT COLD. Wow, ok so maybe he is just worn out from all the excitement this week between school and all the running around and stitches etc. Uhhhh yeah........NO. He gets up about an hour later with a headache and, yep you guessed it, a fever of 101. I don't send my kids to school the day after a fever, so he will not be going to school tomorrow and he is not happy. He finally has two teachers he likes and is enjoying school again. Besides my kids almost never miss school, they have great attendance records. They also rarely get sick, but like I said Murphy is here just spreading his wonderful law all over the place. And here I sit typing this all out, doubting anyone will even want to be bothered reading it. Oh, did I mention....... I have a fever?

How was your weekend?

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