Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Friday and a freebie ;)

Wow, isn't it weird how sometimes a day or a week can seem like it's taking forever and yet seem like it went by so fast? Well, either way that's how my week was. Didn't get anywhere with the health insurance for the boys, had alot to do outside of the house so that I could upload stuff and then got a call that I had to go get Charles from school cause he wasn't feeling well, yada yada yada lol. So here I am on Friday still having to come out for a decent connection so I can finish uploading my stuff. Thankfully when the tornados whipped through TN this week they barely skirted us. We got some lousy weather and a power surge but that was about it.

OK enough about me, here is a freebie for you ;) It's a quickpage and I hope you enjoy it ;) I would have had it up sooner for you but hey, you read the paragraph before this one right? LOL Anyway please remember NO FILE SHARING OF ANY KIND. Send people here to download it if you think they would like it. Just click on the image to start your download ;) And a little LOVE never hurts ;)

Have a great day!