Friday, April 4, 2008

Mixed Post

Well I really need to learn to start typing a post in a Notepad document so then all I have to do is go ahead and cop and paste. What a pain not having internet at home yet. We aren't sure where we will be living in the next couple of months and we don't want to pay a ton of money to have it installed and then have to pay to transfer the service and move the equipment. We are looking into buying a house now sooooo. We might buy the one we are in but, like I said we aren't sure yet.

On the personal side the boys are doing awesome! Charles is going into High School next year and we had orientation the other night. They have to fill out their 4 year plan and turn it into the school. He is going to take the University path so we had to check out the classes for that one. This year he is in Foundations I in Math because he didn't have all his records when we first got here. Now there is Foundations II and then Algebra I and Algebra II. His Principal is talking about him taking Algebra II next year! That's an 11th grade class, he has to pass his tests and stuff but from what they have seen he can do it, so he put Algebra one on his list, he doesn't want to jump the gun. He just got a 9 on his test Thursday and the next highest test score was a 77 so he was pretty proud. He's gotten 100s all week in Social Studies and taught the teacher a few things about computers lol. Science he had a strong 90 - that's what his teacher told me, but ya know that's a B - 94 and up is an A but I told him not to worry about it, that's a great score! He turned down the offer to play football but is going to join the baseball team at the high school next year so that will be good. He hangs with his friends still here at home and goes to the church at least once a week.

John has been getting a bunch of A's then messed up and got a 0 on a test because he forgot to bring his book so he couldn't take the test. They are strict, but better that way I think cause then they will learn to do things right the first time. He's back to using all the big words lol He hadn't done that in a long time but now he gets a kick out of it again. He spends a lot of time out with his friends and twice a week goes to the church by us. He's having a ball.

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