Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting up to date

So many things going on and just not enough time to put it all here. We don't have internet at home so we have been making trips to the library as often as possible. I have managed to get several kits into my Boutiques and there are more on the way. Here is a little peek at my contribution for the SAS March Mega Kit ;)

In January we had an appointment for the boys to go to their doctor for their ADHD appointment and get their meds. The day before the appointment they called to confirm then said, "well you have such and such insurance and we don't take it any longer" Uh huh, they had told me they were going to take care of it back in November and never did. You know the old adage, you want something done right..... do it yourself. So I got left with no appointment for them. I found a new doctor, took them to see her and after over an hour I find out that their previous doctor did not send the information regarding the boys testing and diagnosis of ADHD so she refused to write them a prescription. Also the previous doctor only sent information regarding their last two appointments. I told the new Nurse "No they have been going to her for almost a year now" and I went to the Pharmacy and got a print out of all the prescriptions for the year. I also gave them the name and phone number of the original doctor who had diagnosed them over 6 years ago and signed the paper so they could get the records from him. The pharmacy had made a mistake and put one prescription of Charles' under the doctor's partner name so I was questioned about that. I went back to the Pharmacy and told them the problem, they checked it and found out that indeed they had made a mistake so they gave me a copy of the prescription and a new print out. I brought that back to the doctor as well. Nope no script. Now they tell me that they send all ADHD patients to another place to have them taken care of. BS. I asked why the boys had an appointment and why I went through all of it if the doctor didn't see ADHD patients. Silence on the other end of the phone then, well the Nurse's didn't know. Again I call BS. So now my boys are without their meds because I had to make an appointment for them both to each see a Therapist first (Charles' is today John is next week because the only way to get them in together was to wait till March - yeah uhhhh NO) THEN it takes two weeks from their initial appointment to get them in to actually see the doctor who would prescribe their meds. So in the meantime they are going through withdrawals and as it so happened, Charles had his tests the week this all started so he had to take his tests without his meds. I understand the whole thing about their medication being a controlled substance but when you see that a child has been taking the medication for such a long time and you know they are doing everything you have asked them they should not be made to go without their medication. It's just wrong. If it were summertime I wouldn't be as angry but they are in the middle of school and need their medications. Now the interesting part is that when I called the other place to make the appointment they told me that the doctor should be able to just give them a prescription to hold them over in the interim, she said if anything they could call her to confirm the boys appointments. So I told the Nurse that to which her reply was "We'll see what they say" Excuse my French but WTF? Bottom line, no meds. Now, to add insult to injury the Attendance Lady at school is having issues because Charles has missed so much school. Mind you he has not been out for full days - most of the time - but if you check out before 11:30 you are marked absent for the day. Also he had been to the Dentist approximately 10 times in the last two months to have work done so we would check him out early and bring him back or just check him out in the afternoon and not go back. He has gone in late a few times of which if you are late I think more than 5 times they consider it truancy. Well geeze he rides the bus and while he has admitted to taking his time on a few occasions to actually get to class - Truancy? ARGH So I am sitting here making copies of all the Doctor and Dentist notes I have and giving them to her again because she says she hasn't gotten them all. I really wish these doctors and dentists would do something so that kids could get appointments after school or on Saturdays because this is ridiculous. Charles is getting so frustrated because he is getting pretty good darn grades and if he fails because of absences he is not going to be happy and neither am I.