Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Got Facebook?

I do, just got it the other day and may I say.....??? Oh my, it's kind of like MySpace - but not. There are a lot of cool little things on there and I have a few friends who like to send them out to me lol. I currently have an aquarium, a gingerbread cookie, movie shelf, album shelf, Mardis Gras beads, almost 400 movies on my list and I am not even done yet lol. I have a Wall, a Fun Wall, a Super Wall, Style Feeder, Blog Feeder, Christmas Cards, Slide shows....... holy moley. And people keep sending me stuff still, I don't know where I am going to put everything lol. Now what's really cool is that I got to find Monica Larsen, I was tickled lol. I am a fan of hers, love the actions she comes out with - actually hers was the first action I ever bought. I'm sure there are people on there that I went to school with and worked with but I haven't even had a chance to look for them lol. Anyway, feel free to look me up on Facebook is you have an account and add me to your friend list! I would love to hear from you!

I will be coming out with two grab bags this week for the Divine Digital Grab Bag Sale this weekend. One Commercial Use and one personal Use. Now, I will tell you one thing about the Commercial use Grab Bag, there will be some Overlays and/or textures in there but it won't be the majority of items in the bag. I personally hate it when I buy a grab bag and it's mostly overlays. I like balance, lol ppffftt, like I wish I were lol. Heck I didn't buy my Focus because it was great on gas - I bought it because of it's name lol. I can't focus lol. ANYWAY, moving right along.

It's also customer appreciation month during November at Divine Digital so be sure to stop in frequently to check out all the goodies in store for you ;) Right now my designs are still 50% off, I decided to leave them up for a bit longer.

Have you gotten over to Moo Two Designs to check out the Commercial Use Mega Kit??? Over 200 megs of Commercial Use fun for just $12.50 CAD!! Also, check out the Barnyard Sale going on! I have a bunch of my retiring Designs there on sale for 60% off!

Well I need to go and get everything packed up for the week then I have to pack some more here. I hate moving ughhhh. Have a GREAT DAY!