Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another one for my store ;)

Floral Antiquities now available at my store at HODS. Soon to be available at DSC:

I am working on about 3 more kits and a few more additions to my Amore and Romance collections. Am going cross eyed today lol. Tomorrow we have the birthday party to go to so I will probably spend the rest of the day scrapping. I consider this a down day lol. Should be able to get a decent amount of photos scrapped, I hope. then of course, we will end up taking more photos tomorrow so I won't actually get ahead on scrapping will I? Oh well, should be fun anyway.

TFL and have a great night!


Wow what a great way to start the day. Well for me not for my DS.

He loves to torment his younger brother, just to mess with him. So when my youngest DS was going out this morning the oldest chased him to make like he was going to bring him back in the house. We were still in our bedroom. Next thing I hear is silence and then boom boom boom on the front door. Not only did he chase his brother out of the house with the cordless phone in his hand but he forgot to make sure the door was unlocked. Now for the kicker.............. he was only wearing his boxers!! I was going to grab the camera but he was banging so hard I didn't want the neighbors having fits lol.

I just love starting the day with a good laugh, don't you?