Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tuscan Kitchen Memories Part III

Ok here are the last of the papers for Tuscan Kitchen Memories ;) I hope you have liked this little kit. Please remember to NOT share these files but to send people here to download if you think they would like it ;) As always, just click on the image to start your download! Thanks and have a great day/night!

ARGH Getting kicked off my computer!

Sigh.... yes it's true. I am getting kicked off my computer by none other than my sweetie SO, Alex lol. He needs to replace the hard drive for me because it is ready to just die but I have been putting it off for two weeks. I had lost so much time while I was sick and then trying to get caught up that I didn't let him swap it out, but we have to do it now. Oh well. I t should only take a few hours to swap it out and re-install everything so I guess I can deal with it Wow, ok I can do this lol. Actually it will give me time to work on some doodles. Do you like Doodles? I was thinking about making some doodles packs and maybe some cardboard and other items, what do you think? Would you like to see those? Also, I HAVE A SECRET!!! Of course there is a reason why it's called a secret so I can't tell you ROFLMBO. Well I can tell you this....IT'S GONNA BE BIG......IT'S GONNA BE HOT!!!! AND IT SHOULD be announced Wednesday or Thursday so keep checking back ok? This is going to be so cool.... I mean... errr HOT!!! Stay tuned!!

My kit for Round 3 is up at Go Digital Scrapbooking, just in case you didn't know already lol. Voting starts at MIDNIGHT tonight EST so be sure to drop by grab some great freebie kits and VOTE!

Also, don't forget my 40% OFF SALE at both my HODS and MOO TWO Stores! Now I have to go and try to keep myself from going crazy while I have no computer lol.


A flood and a fire sighhhhhh

Yep, first my clothes washer overflows and causes a flood in the apartment under us then at about 1:00 am this morning, the stove caught fire. Everything is fine no real damage but ya know....... I just need a place to go hide for a few days lol.

Then I went to upload my preview for Round 3's entry and the Photobucket site is undergoing maintenance. Sigh again lol. On the upside, I did manage to get my kit done for Round 3 at Go Digital Scrapbooking's Next Big Designer Contest!

Be sure and stop by there for the new 12 entries for Round 3! Voting starts tonight Sunday, August 5th at MIDNIGHT! I have to go do some food shopping and avert any further disasters lol. Have a great day (and maybe say a little prayer for me too ok? lol)