Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Have you been checking in on us over at Facebook? Have you been joining in on the fun and collecting Prizes, Freebies, Sales and more? If not you should be. Come check us out on Facebook and Join in on the Divine Digital Facebook Block Party! Here is another freebie for you. Just click on the image to be taken to your download ;)

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A little Update

So, I think Snoopy is part cat lol. Here's why:

LOL Apparently he is not going to be cooperative as we build his fence. This one is temporary until e can go get the wood to make a solid fence. We have coyotes and stray dogs and one has already come after him at night Bill is allowing us to leave Snoopy over by his property where his Great Pyranese can watch over him. They chase everything away lol Even cars ;)

Everyone is enjoying Snoopy. He loves to play tug of war -yesterday he did it with my hair lol, missed the chance for photos though ;)

Finally here I am entering our Library here in Waverly last week. We practically live here using the internet. The people here are so nice!

That's all for now ;) Working on getting another freebie up for you ;)