Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Field Day at the Elementary schoo!

Yep, today is field day at the school and John is psyched, even though you can't tell by the photo because he is squinting from the son. LOL He made that tye dye shirt and I had to wash it 5 times with dishwashing liquid and let it air dry before he could wear it today. Between the shirt and the hair he looks like a 70's throw back LMBO.

School is over May 30th, they go in for like 1/2 a day and that's it. I can't believe it, the year went fast.

Charles has to finish up his Science Fair project this week and then thankfully that will be out of the way. I hate Science Fair projects, from a parents point of view. Especially when you have a child that says "I got it, don't worry" PFFFTTT Be afraid, be very afraid lol.

Have a great day!