Monday, August 6, 2007

Yep changed the blog look ...AGAIN lol

Yes, I did it, just part of the changes and the SURPRISE! That is coming on Wednesday or Thursday ;) Nope, still can't say anything but I just love to tease lol. (Ain't I mean Dorren? lol) But seriously, do you like the new look? I figured it was time for a little re-vamping, there will be more changes as time allows but for now, just the blog. I have alot to do you know ;)

So, did you get over to Go Digital Scrapbooking's Next Big Designer Contest? Did you vote?? (Preferrably for me? lol) Come on, go over check out Rounds 1-3 and get 43 FREE kits. While you are there, leave a little love and vote for your favorite. Right now you can only vote for Round 3 as Round 1 and 2 are already done! Voting ends tomorrow night (Tuesday EST) so be sure to get in on the fun!

Gotta run, Charles has two projects to do for English this week and a Science test so keep your fingers crossed for him ok? Actually keep them crossed for me too lol. I need to get it all together for him and help him finish studying. Have a good night!