Friday, August 31, 2007

Newsletters run rampant!!!

OMG!! I have not one, not two but THREE Newsletters to tell you about! I am going to do them in the order in which they are available, makes it easier lol.

HOOKED ON DIGI SCRAP- - The newsletter is out NOW!! Great news and tidbits of information as well as interviews with the Designer of the Month and CT Member of the Month! Plus other addicting bonuses ;) Find out what makes these Ladies tick ;) Grab your copy of the HODS Newsletter now!!!

MOO TWO DESIGNS- Have you signed up for the newsletter here yet? Well hurry! This one comes out tomorrow and I hear it has a lot of nice little goodies in it including specials and sales!! Get over to Moo Two Designs and sign up for your copy now!

STONE ACCENTS STUDIO - This newsletter is going to be AWESOME!! Find out what is going to be a "Stone's throw away" during the next month! Get all the latest news on chats and challenges and maybe some little goodies ;) Make sure that - if you haven't already - you sign up for this little gem TODAY!!

Also, don't forget to visit the SAS-Y Designer's Giveaways here in the forum!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't forget!

Don't forget to sign up for the Stone Accents Studio Newsletter! Come on and get over there now if you haven't done so already! Being subscribed to the newsletter is the ONLY way of getting freebies EXCLUSIVELY to Newsletter Subscribers! Every issue will have freebies only available ONLY to those who have signed up for the Newsletter. The Grand Opening of the Boutique is coming soon, get in on the fun and be there to get the very first Newsletter issue and all of it's fabulous Freebies!

Have you checked out the great Challenges already going on in the Forums? Come on over and join in the fun with this SAS-Y bunch of ladies! Pillowgirl has just started her "Inspiration" Challenge! This looks like it's going to be lots of fun ;)

Also be sure and check out all of the Designer's wonderful blogs for their latest news and FREEBIES!! All of their links are listed on the right side of my blog :)

Freebie QP Set 4

I think these Freebies will be going on and on forever LOL. I can't believe all the wonderful work my CT has done for me ;) these are two great Ladies. Here is the next set of Quickpages for you to enjoy! Please remember, no file sharing. If you think someone would like this download, please send them here to my Blog to download ;) As always, a little LOVE would be appreciated. Click on the image to start your download.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Geesh what a weekend lol

So yes, John cut his knee open while riding his bike on the first day of school and got 8 stitches. There were also Dr appointments, grocery shopping, the doing of laundry without a dryer still, last minute shopping for school, changing our schedules to accommodate taking John to and from school for the next two weeks because he is on crutches and can't ride his bike until he gets the stitches out, Charles got into a fight on the way to school to walk his girlfriend home because some creep tried stealing his bike, could it have gotten anymore insane? Of course it could. It always can and with Murphy setting up shop here in our house, it ALWAYS does. It was SUPPOSED to be payday for Alex but their payroll company screwed up and now they won't get paid until Monday. Did I mention that Wednesday is John's 11th birthday and that we were going to get his gift this weekend? After leaving the house for the 3rd time on Friday - this time to get Alex - I had to wait for around 1/2 an hour because he was stuck working still -- there went more of my time at home. Of which I told him "They don't pay you enough to not pay you and make you work late" Plus there was traffic galore and every moron was out on the road Friday acting like it was New Years Eve and they couldn't wait to start pounding them down.

We finally manage to get home and there is an envelope outside of our door - on the ground. I knew what it was when I saw it, I've been saying that it was coming but no one believed me until I had that stupid envelope in my hand. After 7 years of living here, the leasing office has decided that they will NOT be renewing our lease this year and we must vacate by November. The only reason stated was that they were exercising their option to not renew. I know why they are really doing it though. We have one of the last apartments here which has not been upgraded to tile and other little goodies and it's also a top floor corner unit which means it is worth more money. So we are only paying a portion of what they could be getting for this apartment. I asked for a new stove - they don't even have the burner bibs for this model anymore - and I was told, well if you move into one of the other apartments you can have everything new. I said no, the next time we move it will be for good and I am not paying more and changing my address to move 1 block away in the same complex. I asked for the rugs to be changed which they are supposed to do once you are here 5 years and was told - yep the same thing. I am not moving I told her. So, apparently this is her way of saying "Yes you are moving" Then they want me to clean the place and paint etc whatever when we move - NOT HAPPENING. I was told by the previous manager that I wouldn't have to worry about any of that because they are pretty much going to gut the place and repaint etc. So, we have 2 months not only to find someplace else to live but to get up the $3,000 or so to do it with.

So that was enough to make my weekend right? Pffffftttt, apparently not. Charles wakes up Saturday morning looking and feeling like something the cat drug in. He's got a fever of like 101 and keeps hacking. Ok fine, give him some medicine BUT the boy can't swallow a pill. ARGH He has never been able to take pills. Thankfully he takes an Advil and actually is eventually able to swallow it because it's like an M&M. I try giving him an Advil Cold and Sinus at bedtime but they are caplets and he gags trying to take it, it wasn't pretty. Sooooo today Alex goes to CVS and gets the chewable Tylenol of which Charles has to take 4 because of his age and weight. Lo and behold, we wonder where John is because we don't hear him or see him. He's in his bed OUT COLD. Wow, ok so maybe he is just worn out from all the excitement this week between school and all the running around and stitches etc. Uhhhh yeah........NO. He gets up about an hour later with a headache and, yep you guessed it, a fever of 101. I don't send my kids to school the day after a fever, so he will not be going to school tomorrow and he is not happy. He finally has two teachers he likes and is enjoying school again. Besides my kids almost never miss school, they have great attendance records. They also rarely get sick, but like I said Murphy is here just spreading his wonderful law all over the place. And here I sit typing this all out, doubting anyone will even want to be bothered reading it. Oh, did I mention....... I have a fever?

How was your weekend?

Have you done it yet?

Done what? Well, signed up for the Stone Accents Studio Newsletter that's what! Come on and get over there now if you haven't done so already! Why? Well how about getting in on all the latest news and getting freebies EXCLUSIVELY to Newsletter Subscribers? Every issue will have freebies only available to those who have joined up for the Newsletter. The Grand Opening of the Boutique is coming soon, get in on the fun and be there to get the very first Newsletter issue and all of it's fabulous Freebies!

Have you checked out the great Challenges already going on in the Forums? Come on over and join in the fun with this SAS-Y bunch of ladies!

Also be sure and check out all of the Designer's wonderful blogs for their latest news and FREEBIES!! All of their links are listed on the right side of my blog :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Quickpage Set #3!!

These two Quickpages were made for me by my wonderful CT (just like 99% of the others lol) If you would like to download these, just click on the image to start your download ;) As always, please don't share these files with anyone. Send them here to my blog to download ;)

They were made using my "Roses for Mom" pagekit.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yesterday in the hospital.....

Sigh, yes yesterday was John's first day of 5th Grade and his first time for stitches. He met up with his brother after school and told him to get on the back of his bike. Well, Charles decided to get off the bike and pushed himself off and tipped the whole bike sending them both flying. John flew onto the car stop and cut his knee open and ended up getting 8 stitches.

It was definitely a day he will never forget lol. I used my cell phone to take the photos lol. The Doctor thought it was funny. Today he showed me that he has already learned how to move backwards with his crutches lol. He can also open a door and turn a light switch on and off. Oh Goodie lol. His teacher said he put them by his desk and got hit in the head with them when he leaned over LOL. She couldn't stop chuckling. He is getting special treatment wherever he goes lol. He is getting free snacks for the two weeks until he gets his stitches out and gets to ride the elevator at school. I told him, don't get used to it cause if you hurt yourself on purpose, you're in trouble lol.

I gotta go for now and finish packaging up my old kits and some new ones for the Stone Accents Grand Opening coming soon! Ahhh, and maybe a newsletter, packed with goodies???? Hmmmmmm.... Be sure and check out the other SAS-Y Designer's Blogs, they are giving away freebies too! And if you haven't grabbed them yet I have posted 6 Quickpages here on my blog over the last week or so ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OMG Back to School and a Sale!!!

Today was the first morning for my youngest heading off to 5th Grade! He and his best friend are taking their bikes to school together and he was so excited that he woke up at 5:30 and had to wait for everyone else to get up lol. He ran out of the door at around 7:20 or so, shirt out of his pants (they wear uniforms), I am sure an incompletely packed backpack on his back, and without his meds or money for lunch! THIS ought to be an interesting day lol. Charles didn't wake up in a good mood lol. The phone was ringing this morning and it wasn't for him. He is VERY cranky in the morning especially when there is a lot of noise and craziness going on lol. Oh well, too bad, so sad. What goes around................

OK so do you know about my 40% off ALL my Designs at my Birthday Sale at BOTH my HODS and MOO TWO stores? OK well did you see this ad in the DST Newsletter?

It works on sale items too ;) And this sale for me ends Next Wednesday the 29th which is my son's Birthday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Freebie for those who are expecting.......

or have expected, or have someone close to them who may have expected. These are two Quickpages for those Ultrasound shots we all love to collect. I call this set "A Womb with a view" A little tummy with a drawn back blouse revealing what awaits inside ;) As with all of my items PLEASE DO NOT share files. If you think someone would like these, please send them here to download ;) Click on the preview below to start your download of "A Womb with a View" A little LOVE is always appreciated ;)

It's coming..........

Sunday, August 19, 2007

MY DS Got A's!!!!!!!!

WOOHOOO!! We got his grades for the last 7 parts of the Module that he was working on and look at his scores!!!

5.01 Novel Selection and Prediction
Score = 100 / 100

5.02A Personal Vocabulary
Score = 100 / 100

5.02B Reading Plan Discussion
Score = 48 / 50

Score = 175 / 200

5.04 Summary and Predictions
Score = 100 / 100

5.05A Essential Questions
Score = 90 / 100

5.05B Independent Novel Project
Score = 200 / 200

5.06A Tangerine
Score = 70 / 100

On that last part 5.06A He got a 70 but I believe he should have gotten 100. There were two questions where he showed me the reason for his choice and, IMHO he is right. So he is going to send an e-mail to his teacher and explain it to her and see what she says about it. I am so proud of him and his face just lit up when he saw the grades! It's wonderful. Tomorrow he and I will be studying for his Science Final and then he will take that test. Keeping my fingers crossed because once he is done with that he can just go onto the next class.

Yesterday we got all of John's school supplies. $50 for a backpack geesh. But if we buy the cheap $10 or $20 ones they don't last very long. He's all excited because he gets to ride his bike to school this year with his other friends. He's not going to be so happy when it rains lol. His teacher came to the house the other night! I was like....ummmm... who's at the door? I don't think I liked that very much, which is weird because I know that it's good that the teacher is wanting to know his students and their families. The thing is, don't show up at my door at 8:15 pm, unannounced. That doesn't sit right with me, call me or something, or send a letter but don't show up at my door. Especially since the only time someone shows up at my door at that time is when something is wrong so I immediately think the worst.

Anyway, check out this layout I did to record our School Supply Adventure lo.

OK well I am on load #5 for laundry and I have done the vacuuming once and finished putting away the stuff we bought at BJ's yesterday. We had to buy another printer/fax/copier/scanner because ours bit the dust right when I was going to print out John's school supply list and Charles' practice test for Science. My plug-ins are all in, carpet stuff on the carpet waiting for me to vacuum a second time and the chicken is finishing up defrosting. I am going to make BBQ chicken and rice and some sort of vegetable and salad. We have all been eating pears cherries and grapes today lol. Yummy. Well, I am really going now, things to do ;) Have a good one!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quickpage Freebie Set 2

Here is the second set of Quickpage Freebies! As of right now I have 15 sets for you! Please remember to leave a little love and if you think someone would enjoy these, send them here to download them, please don't share files! Click on the image to start your download!

Have a great day! Please remember to leave a little love.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My CT Layouts and a FREEBIE!

My CT has been VERY busy creating layouts and Quickpages for me.... and you! This post is a little lengthy because of all the wonderful LOs they have created! Check them out:

Aren't these layouts beautiful? I love them, the design of them and the sentiments behind each one. Now for the FREEBIE! I have over 30 Quickpages they made and every couple of days I will be posting up a new set to give away! Remember to stop by their blogs and galleries to leave them a little love! (Leaving a little love here would be appreciated too!) Please remember NO FILE SHARING. Same rules apply to their Freebies as to mine.

Freebie Preview

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I got 2 GIGS of Memory and my Memory Purse! LOL

FINALLY! Woohoo! Alex had ordered me the memory for my birthday but he just got it yesterday. I am a cruising fool now lol. I was working on 750 mb of RAM with a dying hardrive for so long and now I have my new harddrive and a ton of ram. I am LOVIN it!

Also, I got my Memory Purse. I have wanted one forever! I got the small one for 5X7 layouts and I did it right away this morning lol. I did one side business and one side family. Kinda split personality lol. I'm not perfectly happy with the way they came out but it looks cute for now! I need to take pics of the bag, they look better in/on the purse.

I have been working like a mad woman trying to get my new kits done plus I am working on Commercial use textures/Overlays and a kit for my Challenge coming up at Stone Accents Studio!

Don't forget my 40% off SALE is still on at HODS and MOO TWO. If you use the 32% discount coupon in the DST Newsletter you actually get 58% or so off my products at HODS ;)

OK it's late and I gotta go. Will tell more tomorrow of my school supply aventure and my youngest DS's best friend. (Sigh) Have a great night!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Are you ready?

For the news? For the secret I and several other wonderful Ladies have been trying to hold onto for two weeks? Do you want to know, what we have been hiding? Or should I give you a FREEBIE first? Hmmmmm.............

And to celebrate being "SAS-y" here is a FREEBIE for you!

Want MORE FREEBIES? Why then you need to get over to all of the SAS-iest Designer's Blogs and check out all of their freebies as well!

DigiTreats -
Kara Perrien Designs

Sunday, August 12, 2007


OK so do you know about my 40% off ALL my Designs at my Birthday Sale at BOTH my HODS and MOO TWO stores? OK well did you see this ad in the DST Newsletter?

I have been told that it works on sale items too ;)

This is going to be a quick one lol

I have so much to do today and I was hoping that since I had stayed up until 6:30 or so this morning that it wouldn't be so bad. I was wrong lol. Charles is finishing up his Language Arts Module and then taking his test. Johnathan and his friend Jonathan have already been in the house, drank 1/2 gallon of OJ, eaten 5 Crustables and 2 sandwiches and left a mess all over and I am not awake yet lol. Getting a late start stinks. Sigh, and to top it all off, it's raining. I hope the espresso kicks in fast.

THE Announcement is tomorrow so be sure to check my blog for info on some awesome things. I am soooo excited ;)

I am going to go now and get the ball rolling. BTW did you see the post below this one? You might want to check it out and see if it you can get this kind of a deal too!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I don't know if they all are going out of business or just the one near me is but OMG!! If they are all going out of business you need to go there! Look what I got today:

The best part about this? We added it up. The markers themselves are normally $3.49 each and I got 15 of them!!!! All totaled all of these items were $320 WITHOUT TAX!!!! I paid $23!!! I thought poor Alex was going to have a stroke lol. All of the nice flowers and Christmas items were pretty well picked over but I can't believe all that I got! So if there is a Rag Shop near you RUN!!! RUN NOW!!!!


***EDIT 8-13-07 - Someone asked which one I went to. It's the one on Okeechobee Blvd right before Palm Beach Lakes ;) Good Luck! I would have sent you an e-mail but you're Anonymous! ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007


I know something you don't know. Heee heee. According to my friend Doreen I am a tease lol! Well I guess I am. Because I have a REALLY COOL Secret and I'm not telling. But there are others involved. I'm not the only one.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Busy, busy

Organization is not my thing. Well it kinda is lol. I LOVE organization but I can't ever seem to follow a routine for more than a few days to a week. Not to toot my own horn but I can come up with great lists and schedules, it just seems that I can't stick to them. I am a Type A Personality and ADHD and I think that is a really bad combo lol. I will make a task list either in Outlook, in my PDA or on my phone but usually one or two tasks in I end up saying ok just 5 more minutes so I can finish this. That's the end of the list or schedule lol. I go off on tangents and end up doing three things at the same time.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? LOL What do you do to stay organized or at least on a task schedule? I need HELP!!! LOL

So anyway, other than that, it looks like we will be signing up my youngest DS for Baseball again! He hasn't played in about 3 years but he really wants to get into it again. His birthday is the end of the month so I figure ok then we will sign you up. He is hoping to get the same coach he had before. The coach and his family were really nice and they were also Mets fans lol. This means, of course, about 10 hours or more per week at the ball park but it will be fun. We always had a good time. I used to bring my beach chair and some snacks (or we got them there) and would talk with the other parents while they practice. It's warm here for the most part since we live in Florida so at least that won't be an issue. Once in awhile it will get chilly but that's good. (My chilly is anything under 70 degrees lol)

I have errands to run today and I need to get the boys sneakers so we are going to take a trip to the mall later today. My oldest DS has already called a friend of his, who lives by the mall, so they can "hook up" while we are there lol.

OK I need to go and make sure Charles gets his schoolwork done for today before we leave. I also have to make my rounds for posting and what not ;) Have a WONDERFUL DAY!! Don't forget to let me know a few organization tips ok? LOL

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I got my Wacom back!

A few months ago my Wacom mouse died. Alex called up and got all the information needed to send it back for them to replace or fix for me. But we FORGOT to send it. (I think Alex is catching our ADHD lol) Just when the warranty was up we remembered and I said to him "Ya know the warranty is up today, geez." Well, he had called them and got the to replace it anyway because he called on the actual LAST DAY of the warranty! I didn't know he had called and yesterday Fed Ex showed up with the mouse for me! I was so happy. Except now I have to get used to it all over again lol. Isn't he a sweetie ;)

Oh I never told you all what I got for my birthday did I? Hmmmm, well my Popi got me my Blackberry Curve early, I LOVE IT!! I can go on the internet, take pictures and answer e-mails and everything, it's awesome! And of course something I wouldn't have bought myself because it's so expensive.

Alex and the boys got me Gift certificates for the nail and tanning salons!! WOOHOOO! I have been dying to get my nails done and get a tan. Now if I can just squeeze the time in lol. I also got Scrapbook luggage! I got a huge case to hold all of my paper scrapping items and a huge Accordian file case to hold all of my papers and layouts waiting to be put into my book! My youngest DS made me a coupon book lol. It has things like "I will take out the garbage 10 times" "I will do the laundry 10 times" etc. Really cute. I love those don't you? It was a wonderful birthday, I didn't have to cook, had Chinese food for dinner and a Chocolate Carvel Ice Cream cake for dessert! Yummy! I am lucky. I got cute cards too, I need to scan them so you can get the full effect lol. My oldest DS is such a wise guy lol. Will do that later ;)

Ok gotta go and work on my "SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT", as well as my new kits and commercial items I am putting out for you all ;) Oh and I need to go check at Go Digital Scrapbooking in the "Next Big Designer" section and see how the voting is coming along! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Yep changed the blog look ...AGAIN lol

Yes, I did it, just part of the changes and the SURPRISE! That is coming on Wednesday or Thursday ;) Nope, still can't say anything but I just love to tease lol. (Ain't I mean Dorren? lol) But seriously, do you like the new look? I figured it was time for a little re-vamping, there will be more changes as time allows but for now, just the blog. I have alot to do you know ;)

So, did you get over to Go Digital Scrapbooking's Next Big Designer Contest? Did you vote?? (Preferrably for me? lol) Come on, go over check out Rounds 1-3 and get 43 FREE kits. While you are there, leave a little love and vote for your favorite. Right now you can only vote for Round 3 as Round 1 and 2 are already done! Voting ends tomorrow night (Tuesday EST) so be sure to get in on the fun!

Gotta run, Charles has two projects to do for English this week and a Science test so keep your fingers crossed for him ok? Actually keep them crossed for me too lol. I need to get it all together for him and help him finish studying. Have a good night!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tuscan Kitchen Memories Part III

Ok here are the last of the papers for Tuscan Kitchen Memories ;) I hope you have liked this little kit. Please remember to NOT share these files but to send people here to download if you think they would like it ;) As always, just click on the image to start your download! Thanks and have a great day/night!

ARGH Getting kicked off my computer!

Sigh.... yes it's true. I am getting kicked off my computer by none other than my sweetie SO, Alex lol. He needs to replace the hard drive for me because it is ready to just die but I have been putting it off for two weeks. I had lost so much time while I was sick and then trying to get caught up that I didn't let him swap it out, but we have to do it now. Oh well. I t should only take a few hours to swap it out and re-install everything so I guess I can deal with it Wow, ok I can do this lol. Actually it will give me time to work on some doodles. Do you like Doodles? I was thinking about making some doodles packs and maybe some cardboard and other items, what do you think? Would you like to see those? Also, I HAVE A SECRET!!! Of course there is a reason why it's called a secret so I can't tell you ROFLMBO. Well I can tell you this....IT'S GONNA BE BIG......IT'S GONNA BE HOT!!!! AND IT SHOULD be announced Wednesday or Thursday so keep checking back ok? This is going to be so cool.... I mean... errr HOT!!! Stay tuned!!

My kit for Round 3 is up at Go Digital Scrapbooking, just in case you didn't know already lol. Voting starts at MIDNIGHT tonight EST so be sure to drop by grab some great freebie kits and VOTE!

Also, don't forget my 40% OFF SALE at both my HODS and MOO TWO Stores! Now I have to go and try to keep myself from going crazy while I have no computer lol.


A flood and a fire sighhhhhh

Yep, first my clothes washer overflows and causes a flood in the apartment under us then at about 1:00 am this morning, the stove caught fire. Everything is fine no real damage but ya know....... I just need a place to go hide for a few days lol.

Then I went to upload my preview for Round 3's entry and the Photobucket site is undergoing maintenance. Sigh again lol. On the upside, I did manage to get my kit done for Round 3 at Go Digital Scrapbooking's Next Big Designer Contest!

Be sure and stop by there for the new 12 entries for Round 3! Voting starts tonight Sunday, August 5th at MIDNIGHT! I have to go do some food shopping and avert any further disasters lol. Have a great day (and maybe say a little prayer for me too ok? lol)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our birthdays you get the gifts!

Woohoo! Gotta love a sale! Everything in my store (including Commercial use items) and everything added from now till August 29th are INCLUDED!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Gotta have a sale cause it's MY BIRTHDAY!! Woohoo and since my youngest DS's birthday is the 29th this is going to be one heck of a sale! Get this:

From August 2 through August 29th get 40% OFF ALL MY DESIGNS at BOTH my HODS Store and my MOO TWO store! Yep 27 days of sale prices!! Commercial use items included and every item that gets added until the 29th are also included!

Tuscan Freebie Part II

Here is part II of My Tuscan Kitchen Memories kit. There is one more part coming ;) Please remember to leave a little love if you download. Also, please don't share these files I post here but send people here to download them instead ;) click on the image to start your download ;)

Two more for the store!

Two more which are up at my HODS Store and should be up in both my and MOO TWO store soon!

I am still working on two more kits and a couple more elements. Not enough hours in the day! Have a great night!

On sale now

Did you get the Newsletter this week from Moo Two? Well, if you did you would have seen that my "Aquarium Adventure kit" is on sale for 40% OFF! Also, while you are there you can snag the add-on for this kit!

Round 3!!

Wooohoooo! I have made the cut for Round 3 over at Go Digital Scrapbooking's "The Next Big Designer" competition!! There are now 12 of us and our next kit needs to be in by Sunday at midnight EST. This Round's theme is GRUNGE so be on the lookout for 12 grungy kits coming your way!