Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Just a little More dust then we should be good

I'm sneaking in here while Alex is doing something else sshhhhh lol. He's been making all of my requested changes because when I went to do them, they didn't like me lol. So now we just collaborate and he initiates the changes for me lol. We still have a little more revamping to do then the dust should settle lol.

Anyway went to Michaels and got some stuff - there wasn't much left there but they had a sale on the "sticks" that you use to decorate wreaths and stuff so we got a bunch of those for our new wreath and a few ornaments etc., We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Joanns too and got two more houses and a train and some misc little figures to go with them including a group of people for near the lighthouse. We almost got another lighthouse and then said " Uhhh I don't think the town needs two lighthouses lol" so we put it back.

So now here is the LO I did for my Nana. This photo was taken when she graduated High School back in 1928. The Cameo is hers I just adjusted the color to match the LO:

She was a great part of my life, I miss her. Anyway..............

Hmmmmmm... how about a freebie? This time we will go for a paper. I loved this one even though it's notusually my type of thing. I just started playing around with the flowers and added the green background to be silly and I ended up liking it lol. Anyway here ya go if you want to snatch it:

As usual just click the image and your download should start right away! Now, I have to go I am working on my Christmas Recipe cards and New Years ones too! Gotta get going on the Christmas gifts and get the freebie cards out to everyone!

Have Fun and scrap like your life depends on it!