Friday, September 7, 2007

OMG!! It's been almost a WEEK!

Almost a week since I last posted. Oh my, my, my. I am soooo sorry. Things have been insane here. Mega Kit contributions, newsletter freebies, new kits, commercial products, forums, layouts, ARGH!!! Holy Moly, I was up 40 hours just this past week and now I am at it again. I got up at 7:30 yesterday morning and haven't been back to bed yet. I am going insane, I have a milllion ideas running through my head and I can't seem to get them all out fast enough.

Then, let's not forget the things going on here in the house. Charles took his Science Final and we are waiting for his final grade. His teacher said he should be getting a B, but I am not counting his eggs before they are hatched. Then his English/Language Arts Teacher is making me nuts. Now, mind you, she is a nice lady and she is always willing to help. But here's what happened. Charles had been studying for his test and was taking it online when his brother came home and brought his best friend. Well, they decided they wanted to make a ton of noise and Charles started getting angry. I told them three times to knock it off. They would be quiet for a minute or two then start up again. So in between me going in and out to tell them to knock it off and doing laundry - they squealed and set Charles off. Apparently at that time he was scrolling to the bottom of the page because he was getting crazed and was trying to figure out how much more he had to do with the boys yelling. Finally he flipped and I could hear him yell from inside and slamming his mouse. Well.... here's where he really gets angry. As he is in the midst of yelling and slamming his mouse, he hits the submit key. So there it is, he had submitted an incomplete test and it was only allowed to be submitted once. He went quiet so I went in to see what was up and there he is with his head in his hand, I said "What's up?" Without even looking at me he says "I accidentally hit the button when I slammed my mouse" I could barely hear him. He was so mad that he was quiet. Right away I told him to e-mail his teacher. E-mail her and tell her what happened and ask her if she can reset it for you. I figured if she sees that the test was submitted at say 2:50 and she gets his e-mail at 2:52 she will know that he wasn't trying to "get over" and get a second chance to do the test but that what he said was the truth. THE NEXT DAY she e-mails back and says that she is unable to reset it because he started the test and that the only way she could reset it was if he had connection problems.

UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Up till now he has had an "A" average in her class. I didn't even ask how much he got done, cause I don't want to know. It kills me. If he got an "F" or a "D" he's done for. Even all A's for the rest of his class won't give him the "A" average again. So I e-mailed her myself and asked her if there was another test or something he could do to make up for the test. Still waiting to hear. BIG SIGH

John gets his stitches out today. He is all psyched about it. Add to that the fact that he had gotten an "A" on his Math test yesterday and he is one happy boy lol. I am so glad it's Friday. The day's don't really matter to me much since I don't have to leave the house in the morning, but I still get up with everyone and help get them going (well not Alex cause he usually can't wake me up until about 15 minutes before he leaves lol) I will just be happy that I don't HAVE TO get up early tomorrow morning.

OK I have things to do so I can't sit here and bore you with my life anymore LOL. Have a great afternoon, and if I don't come back (or you don't lol) to chew your eyes off again, a WONDERFUL weekend!