Saturday, May 5, 2007

As promised...

... here are the photos from today. Sorry, I would have posted them sooner but I got slammed with a massive headache that took 3 Advil and a MUG of espresso just to get it down to a low roar. I left the house without drinking my morning coffee and I guess between that and the heat...... Oh well at least it seems to have subsided now.... 4 hours later. So here are the photos. We laughed when we saw this upon entering the beach:

I mean you just have to love it: "Possible Sea Lice....Enjoy your day at the beach" ROFLMBO. Oh well, we thought it was funny. Moving right along...... Here's a great shot of Charles and John playing together. Sometimes it seems like the only chance I get to snag a pic of them not fighting is at the beach. Can you tell they are having a good time?

Lastly - for now - these beautiful flowers are all around the beach edges and even some have found their way under the boardwalk

Still waiting for Alex to scan the shells for me, there are some really neat ones and some awesome pieces of coral. Small pieces of course but still really cool. Also there is one piece of a shell which I believe came off of a Horse Conch shell. Yet another looks like Abalone. It looks like a leaf, I can't wait to share it with all of you. We also have a nice sized piece of seaweed. This will be great for some textures too ;) Hmmmm.... maybe there is a beach freebie coming on ;)


...we just got back from the beach and I got burned lol. I was so caught up with making sure the boys got their sunblock on that I forgot to finish getting mine on. Oh well, I almost always burn first anyway so there's not much I can do about it. We took a bunch of pics and John and I picked up a few really great shells, some coral and seaweed. I'll post pics for you all in a bit. John has already showered and is washing the shells off now then Alex will scan them for me. We had a great time and the water OMG it was perfect! Just a little chilly when we got in then all of a sudden it was just perfect. Wait till you see the photo of the sign they had posted on the beach too funny!


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