Friday, May 11, 2007

50% off sale at DSC!! 45% at HODS!

From now until Sunday you can get all of my designs at DSC for 50% OFF! And don't forget the coupon code MAYFLOWERS07 to get an additional 20% OFF MY DESIGNS.

Also until Sunday you can get my designs at HODS for 45% off - and again use my coupon code to get an additional 20% off MY DESIGNS.

Why do I post both stores with two different Sale amounts? Well, each one has kits that the other doesn't ;) So SHOP till you drop! Hurry because the sales end Sunday and my Blog coupon code ends on the 15th!

Available at DSC:

Available at HODS:

Mother's Day Freebie time!!!

OK, just to help out with a little of the excitement for all of us Mother's I will be offering a new Freebie everyday for the next few days! So far I have two paper packs and am working on a couple of other little surprises for you! PLEASE remember, do not share files, if someone wants one of my downloads send them here to my blog. Also remember leaving a little LOVE makes me want to make more freebies ;)
Anyway, here's your first Freebie: POSITIVELY PURPLE PAPERS Set 1:

Hope you enjoy them! Just click on the image to start your download ;)

Bad Blogger

Well I missed a day of Blogging. I had such burning and tearing eyes yesterday it was horrible. I couldn't even open them they just kept tearing for hours. Finally Alex made me use Visine and after a few more hours they felt better. I don't usually use it because I have contacts and the stuff you are supposed to use for contacts - I ran out of. Anyway I can see today and have spent the whole day trying to get caught up from yesterday.

Sunday I will be laying in bed. My youngest son told me not to even think about arguing with them! Tough little booger lol. I will stay in bed till around 12 or 1 then get up, they will accept that lol. They know how I am and that I can't just lay around so if I give them half a day they will be happy.

I finished off my newest kit and got it uploaded to HODS! It's about 166 megs so it's a little hefty! LOL Here's the previews for it:

Don't forget the sale is on at HODS! 45% off until Sunday and if you use my Blog Coupon code MAYFLOWERS07 you will get ANOTHER 20% off of MY DESIGNS! Hurry before the sale is over!