Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be in the Center!

The center of what? DIGISCRAPCENTRAL of course! Here's what's going on


Parts 5 and 6 of the Mega kit are available for download. This month's theme is FOREVER. You might still be able to snatch up the first 4 parts as well ;)


I am hosting the SKETCH CHALLENGE and the COLOR CHALLENGE for this round. They started yesterday and will run through February 26th!

COOKIE is hosting the SCRAPLIFT Challenge and the ELEMENTS Challenge. Same time frame from yesterday through February 26th!


ENABLEEM is also having a whopping sale! Also 50% off her items from February 14th through February 28th!!

COOKIE - AKA Gail Cook - is getting ready to wrap up her sale of 30% off her items until tomorrow! It's over soon hurry, hurry!

TERRELLS - Yes little ol' me too. In addition to the $2 coupon code (at the top of my blog) which is good off of EITHER Alex's Asian or Paua Blues, I am having a 30% off sale which starts tomorrow the 15th and runs through February 28th! The coupon ends tomorrow and the sale starts tomorrow ;) The 30% off sale will be good on all items currently listed in the store as well as any that get added before the end of the sale!

DIGIBRANDI has a new Elements package and it's on sale for only $1 until February 25th!

CARLA'S TREASURES is having a sale too - 50% off all her kits until the end of February!!

Did you check out Shan's PSP Blog? Yep she has just started a Blog dedicated to PSP Tutorials! Find it HERE

ARGH Again with the phone company

OK I knew it was going to be one of those days when I got up this morning but I was really hoping I was wrong. Nope, once again, to my dismay I was right. Firstly I needed to call my bank because I have a creditor who loves to randomly make charges against my account without my approval. I wanted to call the bank because I have 11 charges on my account but it doesn't say who from and I just know it's them. I try to call and by the time I hit the 3rd number it starts that annoying ding ding ding "We're sorry but your call cannot be completed as dialed" (insert raised eyebrow emoticon here) I redial, figure maybe there's a glitch somewhere, it happens. Nope I dialed 4 times, then my son (ya know the type he'll be 14 in three weeks which means he knows it ALL) dials it himself cause he's like "Nuh uh, dial this number" (insert ANOTHER raised eybrow emoticon here) I go online to check my bill and yeah it's fine. It has all of my payments credited, new bill just came out and is not even due yet (PLUS they need to take off $36 again because of the double billing thing they have been doing to me) So now I can't call the bank I will have to go there and spend the time in there instead of doing it over the phone while I multi task online. Add that to the other 9 errands I have today - yes literally 9 other places I need to be. John and Charles both have outgrown their sneakers and John broke his glasses AGAIN! Plus there is the rent to pay, electric food shopping etc. Every second wednesday of the month is insane for me. So anyway, I digress, now I have submitted an online request for repair because as I told them and you already My bill is paid wth is the problem? ARGH. On top of this Alex is walking around looking like a sad puppy because he couldn't get me anything for Valentines Day. Do I need this? I don't care, we are broke lol If we had a bunch of money and he didn't get me anything that would be another story. I'm happy to have him, I love him, my kids love him, he loves me, he loves my kids - we're together - that's good enough for me. Everything else will come later. We're lucky we can pay the bills -- and apparently even when we pay them we don't have service! LOL ARGH argh and double argh. Ok that's enough lol. Gotta go rip out some more of my hair and do the other million things on my list for today.

It's Valentines Day and Sigh... yes I changed my background


Wow it got here before I knew it. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and get's to spend time with their loved ones. I'm sure they will be many new engagements today and roses to be had :) Not here, but somewhere lol. It's ok, I'm still happy, we are together and with the way things have been going the past 6 months, we are happy to still be together. We figure if we can stick together through all of these maniacal ups and downs (which have been mostly downs) then we can make it through anything. LOL.

Well although I had a bunch of compliments on my background here at my blog, I also had a few comments that people couldn't read the posts with the background. So I have elected to swap it around. I think it works now, posts are readable but I still kept the basics of my original background. I hope you all still like it.

Sometime later today I will be posting all of the info for this week. There are sales (Including mine which I already posted lol) and FREEBIES and challenges and oh my! Talk to you later!