Tuesday, February 6, 2007



In the 13th century scout towers like this were commonplace. In it, a military guard could watch for fires, the arrival of a messenger, or the approach of an enemy army. Scout Tower includes six original, high quality textures crafted to add more detail and realism to your scenes.


Some of My Challenge LO's

These are just a few of the great layouts submitted for my Before and After challenge this week!

Here is the LO submitted by kitty_gw: Love these colors!

This was submitted by Ineke62, isn't this a great old piece?

And this third one was submitted by Oweazaer - I want this kitchen!

These are AWESOME layouts girls! Keep up the great work! Come on over and submit your Layout for my Before and After challenge - and get your free prize ;)

Yes I have been MIA LOL Here's Why

I have been absolutely insane trying to find out how to make a curly ribbon. As some of you may or may not know VIZROS is no longer free so I haven't bought that. I keep hearing how there are tutorials out there on how to make a curly ribbon but I have searched up and down and have found absolutely nothing for PS7. So I spent ALL DAY today - well most of it - trying filters and then trying to adapt the filters to make a curly ribbon. I have every filter going I think lol. I have page curls, distort this, distort that, ALF, CPK, etc etc, you name it I probably have it. Finally I thought about making a cylinder and trying to change that, maybe cut it in half, flip it over then erase portions of the top layer on an angle to reveal the layer below but that looked more like a candy cane than anything else lol. Finally I thought well how about tear or rip? That's the filter that makes it look like a weave almost - weave is a little different depending on which plugin you have lol. Anyway so I did it on a cylindrical shape. Then I sliced the slices it made - already on an angle and seperated them. Then remerge, duplicate layer and flip horizontal and vertical. Adjust, adjust, scale, distort etc. Once they were position I merged them and used Liquify to seal each twist and then to bubble it so it looked rounded. A little clean up - VERY little clean up do you see the time I am posting this? lol and VOILA! This is what I came up with.

Now I realize it's not sellable but for "building it" by hand (as it were) with no actions to make it save for Liquify which I still had to do by hand, I don't think it's too bad LOL. Or maybe it's really horrible but because it's 1:47 am it looks pretty good! LOL Oh well.

I had started another post yesterday but never got to finish it lol. Maybe it will get posted sometime this week. I have been busy with Charles getting with him for his Geography and Language Arts. I swear it's like pulling teeth sometimes .... ahhh that story is in the other post I had started that is still in Draft lol. Night!

***To answer Erin's question - I am allowed to sell it but I feel that it is very choppy around the edges. At this point this one would take a bunch of cleaning up. I am very happy to have finally figured out at least one way to make one - even though it did take me several hours to finally figure it out lol. Maybe the next one will go faster but for now I am just going to be happy that I "broke the code" for now of curly ribbons lol. I just know that now someone will tell me where a plugin or tutorial which is much easier can be found LOL!!