Thursday, June 28, 2007

I hope I don't jinx it

Well I have been taking a ProBio Enzyme vitamin thingy - horsepill is what I call them lol. I've been taking them for the past three days, maybe four don't remember honestly right now, just one a day. I was desperate after nearly two weeks of pain, intermittent nausea, feeling like Freddy Krueger was trying to claw his way out of my stomach and exhaustion I figured what the heck ya know? Today I woke up kinda feeling icky still as well as tired but right now I feel better. I have actually been in front of the computer for a straight hour and a half or so and I might just open up my art programs. First time in three days. I still won't push it though because I was feeling better last week and I did 4 loads of laundry and a bunch of cleaning and woke up the next morning feeling really bad so I am taking it easy this time. No pushing it until I am back to 100%. This is not easy for me, I am one of those who always goes goes goes, lifting 80 lb bags of salt or 30 lbs of tile, move whole entertainment centers, tv's beds etc by myself but these last two weeks have been murder not only on my body but on my spirit. I am not going to grow old gracefully. I will be going kicking and screaming the whole way lol. I have admitted that I am getting older, I'm 40 now and my body is changing, it's undeniable and not preventable HOWEVER that doesn't mean I have to give in and help it become decrepit. Once I feel better I will be going at it even harder than before, like the working world where ya have to be twice as good just to be considered equal, you have to be twice as fit to be "normal" (for lack of a better term - metal pause ya know lol)

Anyway, I have alot to work on now, we have a grab bag coming at HODS and I will be having my first sale over at Moo Two so I have to really get my butt in gear and make some wonderful items for all of you nice people ;)Here's one of my new items available now at both HODS and Moo Two:

There's more to come but since some will be in my grab bag, I can't really tell you what they are now can I?

Don't forget to stop by my store at DSC and take advantage of the 40% off sale going on there. Grab my coupon code at the top of my blog and get an ADDITIONAL 25% OFF! This sale is over Saturday night so HURRY!!

And before I forget, check out this wonderful LO Tracy created for me with my kits.

Isn't she just awesome?!!

OK going to go now and see what I can get done!

Have a great day!