Saturday, November 10, 2007

1 Week and counting

till we move. OMG I am so stressed out lol. The house is not packed up as much as it should be so we will be doing a straight 5 or 6 hour stint today to throw stuff out and get things packed up. We have already started eating on paper plates and use paper cups so I can pack the rest of my dishes. Today I am going to make chicken wings and maybe some chili and other stuff that can be frozen and put in a metal pan in the freezer. I'm using the disposable ones so come dinner time, I put it in the oven then throw it away when we are done. "Quick and dirty" as Alex calls it lol.

There is a bunch of new stuff hitting the stores this weekend too. I have so many designs sitting on my computer that are just sitting there so I have decided to get them packed up and uploaded. Here's a few you can look for:

I have a bunch more too lol. Just not enough hours in the day.