Friday, September 28, 2007


what a weekend and week! We went to Tennessee this past weekend to look around. We figured we would go, take a look at the two houses I had set up appointments for hang out with Doreen and Jim and then come home. that way we would have a better idea of what we would fine there. Well, WE GOT A HOUSE!! It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on 1 acre of land and the payment is HALF of what we pay now for a 2/2 apartment here in Florida! We are SOOOO PSYCHED!! So anyway, that's great news so, of course as my life would have it - there has to be something to go wrong to offset what just went right. We lost our internet! OMG I was freaking. See, if it's not bad enough to lose internet - which means that Charles can't do his schoolwork and I, of course can't work - but we also lose phone because we have Vonage which runs through the internet. So I have been packing, cleaning, throwing out, designing etc all week. Of which I need to send out a BIG HUG and MANY MANY thanks to my CT MEmber Doreen (aka beachnut999) who has been picking up my slack for me and distributing posting bonuses for my challenges over at Stone Accents. Besides putting up with me and my crazy family (just my family is crazy - not me lol) this past weekend, now she is doing my job for me! THANK YOU THANK YOU DOREEN, my wonderful friend!! Tracy is back!! Yeah, she was on VACATION AGAIN!! Sigh, wish I could do that.... wish I had somewhere to go lol.

Also when I got back and spoke to Pop, I found out that my cousin had her daughter this past weekend too (people do all the fun stuff when I'm not around lol) Woohoo! She is a cutie I hear. Oh, FYI ALL of my family are in NY so I don't get to see anyone very often. We speak on the phone frequently and sometimes send photos but as far as actually being there..... sigh......

Then at the tailend of the angst today I call my Pop, say hi, see what's going on and I get bad news. Sighhhhh. For those of you who don't know - Pop is technically my Step-Father. He has raised me since I was 12 (the poor man lol) and to me, he is my Father. Period. But anyway I digress, my step-sister's cousin was killed two days ago and we are just finding out. He was very bright, had one of those 6 figure salaries, VERY handsome, nice and was 33 years old. He was shot 8 times in the back. They don't know what the motive was, he didn't do drugs or mess around in things that you would think would put him in that type of situation. He was driving his motorcycle at the time but they haven't recovered it. Did they jack him for his motorcycle? I don't think so, one or two shots - MAYBE even 3 - in different areas of his body MAYBE but 8 shots in the back - &*^$#%#!@$ COWARDS - THAT'S PERSONAL. Now some of you may be asking yourself why did I say my "Step-Sister's Cousin" if we are so close. Well, normally I refer to Michelle and Jessie as my sister's but for clarification, I used that term. Also, quite honestly I didn't know him very well. I met him maybe 2 or 3 times and while I found him to be a very nice man, I was not close to him since our paths did not cross very often. My Pop is very upset and my sister is as well. I haven't spoken to her yet but she is the emotional one in the family. I know she is wrecked.

ANYWAY, I know I am behind on things, but please bear with me. I have some new designs to package up and get into the stores, a few sales and what not to set up, my new TEAM BLOG!! Very exciting! I need to get my new challenges together as well besides the laundry, dishes, dinner, packing, weeding through things, organizing (LMBO) everything I need to transfer, cancel etc for the move...... So please just give me a bit and I promise I will make it up to you! I also have MORE QUICKPAGES for you and I will try to get the next set up tonight ok?

Gotta go! Have a great night!