Friday, May 23, 2008

1 Week plus 2 days equals........

an A on your Science Fair Project!!!! Wooohooo!!! He lost a half of a point for not putting a notebook in his list of materials (ACK UGH sighhhhh) and he lost one point for not re-stating his hypothesis in his conclusion. I nearly died! I was so proud of him. This was the first year I didn't have to yell, scream and threaten for him to do it then witness a fiasco as he tried to pull something off at the last minute lol. As you can see in his photo, he wasn't dressed exactly the way he normally does for school. That's because they picked the same day as Field Day for the to bring in their projects. Again, I was having a stroke because all I could picture was a bunch of hyped up kids bouncing around and Charles' project getting totaled in the process.
Thankfully, it didn't happen. His teacher offered him a job! I don't know if I posted that already or not. His Computer teacher is quite impressed and said he is opening a Computer School of sorts and wants Charles to help with the classes! (He already tested Charles to see where he would be for classes for next year and he is already past the senior level classes with regards to computers and programming.) That job would be great since he is taking computers and Business Management classes in High School next year. He would be getting real life experience which is brownie points for college lol. Also, quite frankly, he doesn't like to get dirty so it's good that he shouldn't get anything other than a little dust on him lol.

Johnathan has brought his grades up as much as 20 points in some classes but he still can't hit the A mark. Here the grading systems is harder. You need a 94 to get an A so instead of asking what grade he got, I ask what his score was. To me if he gets over an 85 that's great because he has been used to a different grading system. He got an 80 on his last reading test which is a C, in Florida it would have been a B so he is a little disheartened but I told him not to look at the letter grades just concentrate on getting his scores higher. Either way it's an improvement. He has also become quite the entrepreneur and is working his tail off with the neighbor next door. The man with the farm has been rebuilding things over there and expanding for his goats. He has actually built a play area with a pond for them and is adding on a dock - which he and John started building yesterday, and is putting in see-saws and other things to keep the goats happy lol. So far John has saved $40! He's 11 for Pete's sake. But he works his tail off and doesn't mind getting dirty. Two children, same parents - so different lol.

Well, that's it for the homefront, everything else is BAU (business as usual) Have a great weekend!