Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh my look at the time!

So my son didn't wake us up until 1 pm! Which is actually good because I went to bed at 6:30 so I needed the sleep. but my whole day is pushed up now. I got some of the laundry done, seperated the Christmas decorations, sprinkled all the carpets with that smelly stuff lol, posted a little here and there, grabbed some more freebies, did a little in PS and now am going to make my way into the kitchen where I have had ribs in the crock pot since last night. All I need to do now is make the rice, a vegetble and salad and VOILA! Then it's onto decorating, Alex still needs to get the lights on the tree though before we can do anything with the tree. (Insert one eyebrow up emoticon here) OK will be back later on with some pics.

I did a QP Layout

....with my new kit (of which I am almost done making lol) I used this QP and added a couple of the elements I made and a little bit of journaling and boom done. LOL I really love the colors in this. I have a thing for the rich colors. Every once in awhile I will get on a shiny/pastel kick too but when I see a kit with rich colors I go nuts lol.
OK my bed is calling me and Alex has been asleep for about two hours already lol. My luck my son will get me up at 8:30 again lol.
Have a good one!

A little Preview of my new kit

OK Here is what I have been working on, the kit that Alex has inspired me to do (he's such a good influence lol)

As of right now there are 25 elements, 8 backgrounds, and 4 quickpages I'm having way too much fun with this kit lol. I love the color combination in it.

We have also been working on a new look for this blog, I'm just not happy with it. The layout will stay the same but the background and other images are going to change. Poor Alex, he's been working his butt off trying to get it to work just right. So hopefully tomorrow or Monday it will be all done and up. I can't wait ;)

We finally got the envelopes printed and they came out so cute. The only thing now is to add the silver ink to make it sparkle, then we can fold the edges over to complete the package look and address them and get them out already lol.

Tomorrow is finally tree trimming time. The branches are taking forever to drop so we'll just do it tomorrow and whatever happens, happens. I also have to make the wreath and the table centerpiece. Will have pics of all I promise. It's been really crazy here. We haven't even started wrapping yet and we have to ship the presents to Alex's daughter still. UGH. Tomorrow is going to be insane, I hope we get up early again.

That's it for tonight, have a good one!