Monday, March 19, 2007

Going on at DSC

Wow, there is alot going on over at Digi Scrap Central this week! Come check it out!!

Cat Scrap Fever is back with a vengence and having a price break on a bunch of her kits!

Flippy Hippy - $2.25
Father's Pride = $3.25
Kiddy Carnival = $3.00
Mind Maze = $4.00
Springy = $2.75
Sunwashed = $2.25
Think Pink = $3.25
Think Blue = $3.25

She has also released her new Sweetness Page Kit and her Curved Photo Templates ;)
Laura Pitman has released 3 new items to the Scrap Shop - Cowgirl Page Kit, Cowboy Page Kit and Stitches (For Commercial Use)

You can get all of the new releases for March in the Scrap Shop!

Also the March Mega Kit - Over the Rainbow - is up to links 5 and 6! Hurry and snatch them up before they are gone!

Now we are officially switched

No more Bellsouth, no more Adelphia, THANK GOD! Of course I still have to argue with BellSouth over the charges they have applied against me (double billing on internet etc) but at least we are now set up as a normal functioning household. Cable and internet are in and the Vonage will be hooked up in a few minutes. Now if we can keep the Electric Company from being jerks we will be ok lol. It's like the end of the year hit and they all turned into complete idiots I swear. BellSouth had that merger or takeover with AT&T so they messed up service and lost their minds FPL decided to cancel level billing and expects payment of over $1000 in about 6 weeks, ridiculous. So now I will be continuing to copy bills and e-mails and mailing them back and forth. E-mails don't work because each time you reply to an e-mail it goes to another person who messes it all up again. Just keep your fingers crossed for me please I need all the help I can get right now lol. It's funny, people who do the wrong thing seem to get away with it all the time, people like me who are honest and just want what we are supposed to have, keep getting tripped up. I hate that, just not right, but in the end, at least I can sleep at night ;)

OK so it's taking a little longer to get everyone hooked up on internet lol. Have to set the routers and stuff to adapt to four computers and then the Vonage can go on. Oh well, at least we are on our way ;)