Sunday, November 2, 2008

Murphy's Law alive & well

Yes this whole weekend has been spent - so far - trying to evict Mr Murphy from our house. The Electric company has zapped our house twice and a third time it was zapped by another company doing work in town who hit a main line or something and they zapped the whole town. Needless to say the computer I do my designing on was on all three days that it happened. One of the days I was sitting here and the lights went out I had a fit. I went outside and there was an electric truck in our driveway. The lights came back on by the time I had gotten to the door but I yelled at the Electric man "What the hell was that for?" His response was that they had to swap out all the meters for the new ones because of the upgrades. "You don't tell someone before you do it? I have 5 computers in this house and I was working!" "I don't have time to stop and tell everyone I am swapping out their meters" ??????????!!!!!!!???? (Insert extremely angry expletive here) So about 4 hours of my time yesterday was spent trying to get CS2 to work again. My brand new external is being a creep because it doesn't like the idea of me moving files off of it and our internet service decides to switch me over from high speed to snail speed on a whim and then disconnect about every hour or so. Add that to the fact that the boys are making me nuts and I am having hot and cold flashes and you have the makings for quite an interesting time here at the Double "S" house.

So I told you all that to tell you this, I did have another freebie planned for you all and to get my new items in the boutiques and a special sale I am running at Divine Digital but I have been held up. So, everything is coming, it's just been a bit delayed. I apologize .... again. Seems I have been doing a lot of that lately.