Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh boy the prompt for today

Check out Carla's prompts, they are great lol. Today's prompt has to do with allowance. WOW, that's a rough one huh? Of course someone like me who loves to ramble could go on with this topic for a loooonnngggg time lol. But I will try not to.

When I was young I didn't really get allowance. The only thing my Mother let me do was clean my room. Of course, that wasn't any fun and I didn't want to do that lol. I got A's and B's in school and was an honor student but that didn't merit allowance. So I pretty much had to scratch and scream for anything I wanted which is why I decided to work at 14. So I went to work at a deli at 6 am then to school at 8 until around 2 then back to work until closing at 6pm. The deli was in the middle of a warehouse area so they didn't need to stay open later than that.

My kids, I won't let them work now. My oldest DS wants a job but I told him no, not until he gets on and STAYS on a schedule with his school work. If he wants to work he has to take care of what's important first. If I decide to let him work then he will have to maintain his schoolwork, otherwise the job goes the way of the Dodo. I don't care, I get told how unfair I am or how mean and I don't care yada yada yada. Those of you with children know the routine. So anyway for a long time they got allowance. My oldest DS got $80 a month and my youngest DS got $50. The oldest had to pick up his own mess, clean his room, clear the table after dinner and take out the garbage. The youngest had to set the table, clean his own room, take the garbage out of their bathroom and run the dishwasher. Each week they would get $10 and once a month they would get whatever the balance was for their allowance. They got paid just like a job, they had to wait until after they did the work to get paid which of course they didn't like but too bad. Then it started getting to where they wanted to switch chores. At first I said fine but then it got nuts. "It wasn't my job it was his" know. Eventually nothing was getting done so I cut off allowance. That's it. You don't want to do what you are supposed to do, you don't get paid too bad. That's where we are now, no allowance. Every week I see a couple of days where they will do what they are supposed to without me snapping like a bowl of rice krispies, but for the most part it's like pulling teeth to get them to do anything. I love it when I hear - "Why should I clear the table I didn't eat all of that" My response "Why should I wash your clothes I don't wear them!" So now instead, I put $10 into each of their savings accounts without them knowing and leave it at that. If I told them the money was there it would start another debate "It's my money why can't I have it?" argh..... Actually I almost think it's wrong in a way to pay them for doing chores because as a family unit - as a HUMAN being - they should do certain things just because it's the right thing to do. Yet, when they enter the working world that's doing the right thing too can you go either way? LOL

Wow what a chat!

LOL We had such a good time last night! Shellshock answered almost every one of the questions. She was threatened with the taping of her fingers and even hog tying lol. Here's a peek at some of the freebies they got:

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