Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes I have been AWOL

I know, I have been a bad Blogger but luckily, in a way it isn't because I have just been too busy to blog. I am never really too busy to blog, it's part of my routine. I actually had some posts lined up ready to go as I try to do event Posts ahead of time. Here's the scenario (Yes I must tell the story, stories and drawing mental pictures are all what it's about with me lol)

I am trying to get Charles to do his schoolwork and clean his room (hey if I can multi task they can too lol) I was doing laundry, throwing things out as I went and waiting for John to get home from school so I could get him to do his homework then clean out more of his junk from his room. I was doing the white laundry with bleach which I only do a bleach load once a month so that the bleach doesn't eat the clothes - so to speak. I wash them once and let them soak in the bleach for awhile then let it run the wash cycle again. Then I spin it all out and start the wash cycle again with clean water and use regular detergent and the oxy clean to clean the load gain and remove the excess bleach that is probably still hanging on. Then I put the fabric softener in and let it soak for about an hour then let the cycle finish. So... ANYWAY... lol I go into John's room cause I am itching to get this load going and when I start sifting through John's stuff a freaking roach jumps out at me. I went ballistic, I am from Brooklyn and I HATE roaches. Now mind you, we have been bringing boxes home from grocery stores so we can pack to move and that is where it probably came from cause I haven't seen a roach here in at least 4 years if not longer and that was from a neighbor who lived downstairs who was just totally disgusting (part of the problem of living in a complex) So, of course, I start pulling everything out of the room - after stomping the roach into oblivion - and now I am steaming mad. I put some of the clothes in the laundry room and when I come back John walks in. First I said "How was your day" He says "Good" I said how did you do on your tests" He says "Good, I got two A's " I said "Good" He knows I am ticked off so he says "What's the matter?" I said " I just got attacked by a roach in your room and I swear to God, that if you don't clean out that room right now, you won't see daylight till you get married" And so the conversation begins, actually a conversation that turns into an argument cause he wants to sit around first, he's hot, he's tired, he's hungry. "I don't care, cause if you had cleaned your room before, this wouldn't have happned" Yada yada, Suddenly, my blood pressure must have shot up cause I got dizzy, my stomach felt like all my ulcers suddenly wanted to speak up and I got that woozy flush feeling through my whole body. I must have gone pale too cause John did when he looked at me and he ran over to me. He helped me to the bathroom where I stayed for about 15 minutes trying to get composure. I did but then I felt hot and cold at the same time and just couldn't get a hold of myself. I sent Alex an e-mail and climbed into bed. I was sweating like crazy but shaking so bad that I actually shook the bed for about 3 hours. When Alex got home and took my temperature it came up 102.3. My whole body was steaming except for my feet which were both ice cold. He took care of me all night with cold compresses, bringing me juice and water then when he went to work, Charles took care of me. He went to Dunkin Donuts and got me a bagel and a corn muffin, something easy for my stomach to handle even though I wasn't really nauseous. He brought me juice and whatever I needed all day, fixed my blankets etc. Then when Alex came home they switched roles again. I am better today, still a little weak but no fever since yesterday afternoon. It was just so weird how it came on all of a sudden like that. Alex thinks it's stress, Doreen and Tracy think I burn the candle at both ends too much and I think there's mold in this house lol. I really do, but either way it's still weird how it just hit like that.

So, on the brighter side of things John has been getting lots of A's lately, he has gotten two D's also but I told him that's ok because it's in a subject he has been having problems with. He does study, it's just one of those things that happens, he's having a hard time. I don't get mad when they make an honest attempt and just have difficulty with it. He has also taken it upon himself to gt a job lol. There is a lady who lives behind us that is pregnant and she lives on the second floor. She has a little dog I think it's a Jack Russell. Anyway, John walks the dog for her when he gets home from school everyday, sometimes twice, depending. He then walks him on the weekends. Everytime he walks the dog, she gives him $1! So he's making out like a bandit lol. He had almost $6 saved but when popcorn friday came around at school he bought himself and 5 of his friends popcorn at .50 a bag so there went most of his money lol.

Charles has gotten a A on his Language Arts Progress report so that is great! He has been getting all A's and will hopefully be done with the class soon. I think he is behind now though because I was sick so I have to really push him through it all now starting tomorrow. He doesn't like submitting his work without me checking it first and if he has questions I go over the assignment with him again until he "gets it"

On the scrapbooking side of things there is sooo much going on wow. Just to highlight a few things MOO TWO is going to be having an eventful November and December! We have a bunch of Special Chats going on for NSD on Nov 3 and a BIRTHDAY BASH coming up in December and of course all of the regular challenges and contests. We also have a special Mega Commercial Use Kit coming up on sale too! We are just busy busy busy!

Divine Digital has been having some issues with those nasty hosting people, but they are almost all worked out now. Royanna has been working her fingers to the bone to get it all back to normal. Look for a bunch of new sales and new products from me and all the other wonderful designers there! Also be sure to get in on the DAD which will be coming up new for November! It's going to be great as usual!

Over at STONE ACCENTS STUDIO there is the Mega Kit on sale there, lots of sales for your favorite Halloween Designs and some great challenges going on! Be sure to drop by and see what is in store for you ;)

OK well, I am running out of steam and getting that look from Alex that says "Time to rest for awhile" lol Have a great day!

DaBlues Mini Kit Part IV

This is the last Mini Kit from Da Blues. There is one more download for this kit which are the Quickpages so be sure to look out for those. As always, please send people here to download do not share files. Just click on the image to start your download ;) Have a great day!