Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh what a night......

late December back in 63. Oh wait.... that's not right. Sorry got carried away. LOL. ANYWAY, we went to that 80th birthday party last night and had a nice time. It was a little different because it was held in a Crab House instead of at someone's home. Usually it's at a house with a DJ and we are all crazy in private. Last night we were on display lol. Oh well, we never claimed to be sane. So yes I believe Arline was genuinely surprised (as her birthday isn't until June lol)and she had a good time. Here is a sneak peak at our festivities last night. (There is a special LO at the bottom of this post with an announcement)

Arline and her cake:

Just the grandkids:

And a huge chunk of the family ;)

There was a little surprise last night as well. We didn't break out the camera in time to get the beginning which really upset me but I am hoping someone else got it and they will send me a copy. Ryan did this on bended knee and all. It was so sweet. He asked my niece, Shannen to marry him ;) So it looks like our family is getting bigger still!

It was an eventful fun-filled night ;) And these old bones are pooped lol.