Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back again for this month......

Yep the one day of the month when I have to run around and pay bills and do my big grocery shopping. I am not in the mood for this. I have paid what I can online and am dreading leaving the house lol. I just don't want to go anywhere and deal with people. I will end up putting it off as long as possible lol. I love going to BJ's and getting a whole months food in one shot but between carrying the boxes up to the third floor and then repackaging it into nightly portions and packing it into the freezer ughhh I am just not in the mood lol. Maybe after the Advil kick in lol.

Charles took his oral exam this morning and got 100!! WOOHOOO!!!!! I told him he could do it, he was struting around here like a peacock. Now he just has to take his final written exam and he will be done with Math. She had called on Monday and said he could call her back so he did an hour later but she just returned his call this morning. He's been sweating it for two extra days. John's finally all better now he's just miserable because no one is around lol. Another kid who just can't win lol. Some are still sleeping and some are at camp or wherever.

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OK gotta run, have a great day!