Thursday, July 5, 2007

This past week.....

was a doozie, a looloo, a humdinger, insane etc., I am happy to say that I finally really am feeling better. All pain has dissipated finally and I have decided to drastically change my eating habits. I can't keep eating the fried foods, hot n spicy foods, coffee etc. So I start my day with no coffee which really frustrates me. For those of you who don't know I am BIG into Espresso and my dear, sweet SO - who is half Colombian and half Italian - makes a mean espresso. I had been drinking 4 large POTS of Espresso per day up until about 4 months ago when I decided to cut back because caffeine in large amounts actually makes me retain water (The last time I gave up caffeine I lost about 25 lbs in one month) So I was down to 2 pots per day, one in the morning and one after dinner. Then about two months ago I cut down to only 1 pot. This is the large Espresso pot that I am referring to, you know, the one that makes 6 servings of Espresso. Now I am not having any. I will have one once in awhile but no longer on an everyday basis, the Crohn's just doesn't like it. Sigh, Espresso is my second vice (right after cigarettes) but I would like to be here to see my grandkids so it has to go. I am in mourning for my Espresso. LOL

My Motherboard and one of my sticks of memory are on their way out. Yep my computer crashed right in the middle of my new kit which is supposed to be done and uploaded today and now I can't finish it. I also have another 2 kits which are supposed to be done and I can't finish them either. I lost 5 files because I was in CS2 when the crash happened. I wanted to scream bloody blue murder but I didn't. I just yelled "HONEY!" and when Alex came in I just rolled away from my desk and let him see the screen. He tried fixing it for about two hours but the whole thing was wonky. Finally he got in touch with Dell Support and they are sending out a new motherboard and memory stick and they should both be here tomorrow. Problem is Alex won't be able to do anything with them until tomorrow night so I am stuck until then. I can run basics like Internet and what not but I can't do any of my graphics programs because my RAM can't support anything large right now. ARGH lol

My birthday is August 2 and my Pop decided that since I can't afford a Tablet Computer right now that he would get me the next best thing. So for my birthday he bought me a Blackberry!! Woohoo! I have unlimited text and internet usage so it's a beautiful thing. I can also now get that cool little ear plug for the Bluetooth ;) Now when we go to the beach or wherever I don't have to worry about not being able to work. My Pop is just too cool lol.

I am going to add a new section here to my Blog. It will be the Monthly Announcements Section or Monthly Events.... something like that lol. But in it I will post my sales and events going on at my stores. So you will be able to use it as a quick reference to see what's happening ;) This is what's new at HODS. Here is a preview of the new Welcome Kit:

I have things going on at HODS and MOO TWO but I need to organize everything so I can give you the right information. We have new mega kits and challenges and Grab Bags oh my! LOL

I just got the cover for Pop's scrapbook almost done. It took forever because I covered the front and back with the leather and make a book mark out of Swarovski gems and beads. I still need to re-punch the holes in it and decorate the front. I will post pics later. I also took a couple of quick photos yesterday of the boys making our Flag cake for the Fourth of July so I will post those and the recipe for it too ;) VERY Yummy and good for you! That is a great combo! LOL

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful July 4th! I am going to go run now and get stuff done. Have a great day!