Thursday, February 8, 2007

Freebie - Finally lol

Whoopsie... I see that it has been a little while since I gave you all a freebie. I MAY put up a few more later on.... not promising I have learned better than to promise almost anything lol. So anyway, these little cuties have been sitting in my folder for awhile now. They are what I call Window Clips. I was messing around with styles and making borders and trims and came up with these. I added the little elements inside and figured I would make a few different types. This freebie has my beige clip which has a golden tree inside, a green clover clip and a red flower clip. As usual just clip on the photo to download. PLEASE remember if you download to leave some love and that if you think your friends would like this Don't share the file send them here to my blog to download them!

Enjoy! Remember to check back for another freebie SOON (That's all I say is soon! lol)

OK What's your opinion?

There are a few things which really make me nuts. One of them is when I get a kit and all of the elements or alpha are on one page. I HATE THAT! I don't want to sit there seperating out the items I want to use. I'm sorry but I like to be able to look at the items and go bada bing -- done, it's on my LO and that's it. I hate having to go in with the magic wand or rectangle, circle ---whatever - and have to "cut out" the element I want to use. That just seems lazy to me. Anyone else feel the same way? I just made two sets of alpha and numerals for my new kit and I made each letter an individual png. Is it just me or do you prefer seperate as well?