Monday, April 9, 2007

Plain Pastel Papers Freebie Part III

Here are the matching plain pastel papers. Might get a whole Mega kit by the time I am done. I've already started putting together a few elements to go with these papers ;) As always, just click on the preview to start the download. Please don't share the file or the links with anyone but rather send them here to my blog to download them ;) As always, a little love is always appreciated, especially if you download. Have a great day and enjoy!

Did you have a nice weekend?

I hope you did. After I was done with being sik (icky lol) things ran pretty much the way they should. This was our first Easter without my ex in-laws but I am not even going to go into that whole story. So we had a nice quiet day at home and I did something a little different. Instead of making a big meal with leg of lamb and potatos etc I made a big breakfast lol. We like to do that every once in awhile, usually on a Sunday. Home made French toast, eggs, bacon etc. It was nice and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. Why not, they were already hyped up on all the candy lol. John went to his friend's Grandmother's house for a few hours and they all had a good time. I spoke to my family in NY both of my sisters and my Pop, I miss them but it's nice because we speak just about three times a week or so. Everytime Charles answers the phone here they hesitate because he sounds like a grown man lol. His voice is so deep they think they have the wrong number. He sounds nothing like Alex so they don't even think it's him lol. Then of course, I worked on a couple of kit items last night. I was bouncing around doing different things because I wasn't in the mood to just confine myself to only one genre. I find that sometimes if I just let myslef play around with shapes and colors I can get a pretty decent set of items either started or completed.

OK, now what is the deal with having to type in a word verification when posting now on Blogger? This I find really annoying. Why do I have to type in a set of letters to post on my own blog? I hate this, it's really annoying.

Think I'm in the mood for a freebie ;) How about you?