Thursday, June 19, 2008

Funny how things happen

It's amazing how things happen. Here's my little story, you can skip down to the bottom for the Scrapping news if you don't want to read this. So we came home Tuesday afternoon, the boys had gone to the pool and had a great time. I had issues because the internet kept going in and out so I was frustrated and didn't get much done like I had wanted to. So we get home and our neighbor and friend, Bill, knew that our lawnmower had died and we were putting it in the shop so he came over with his ride on and started mowing our lawn for us. Alex went outside to talk to him and say thank you and after about 15 minutes Charles comes in and I asked him who was riding the mower, I figured it was Alex because.... well you know.... men and their toys lol. But nope, it was John!! I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. Check out my little boy:

Now, next door the neighbors have what I call a "Yip & Nip" It's a little fur ball dog that only barks that shrill bark and then nips at your ankles and will jump up and bit your shirt. Now I LOVE ANIMALS but I would like to use this furball to wash my car. ANYWAY while John was mowing the lawn this dog was running after something and what John found was two baby rabbits. The stupid Yip & Nip bit one of them and apparently punctured it's lung. After a few moments it died. The other one they held for awhile then John put her back where he found her. About 2 hours later she was still sitting there sooooooo..... we have a critter. The mother probably won't be bothered with her now that she has human scent on her. Poor John he didn't realize it, he just wanted to hep. So now we have a bunny named Lucky lol. John was up that night every hour feeding her with an eye dropper. At first she wouldn't eat but she eats two droppers full about every hour or two and she is jumping an exploring lol.

OK Onto Scrapping News before I have to leave for home.

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OK gotta run. Have a GREAT DAY!!