Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I thought I would share something with all of you as we come up on this Mother's Day weekend.

Yesterday I was "fixing my face" a little because Alex was going to take a few photos of me so I could update all of my photos here, on FaceBook at Divine etc. My youngest John - who got me my Snoopy as an early gift ;) - walks into our bathroom (as long as the bedroom door and bathroom door is open the boys know they can walk through) ooks at me and asks what I'm doing. I said I am fixing my face so I don't look so old and break the camera LOL" To which he replies with a frown "You don't look old" As I start to say how sweet that was he finishes his sentence "Except for the bags under your eyes from not sleeping"

Soooo on this Mother's Day weekend I wish you all the best that LOVE and Motherhood has to offer - including backhanded compliments ;)