Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yes I am alive

LOL Oh my, talk about the move from Hades lol.. We had to leave half of our things at the old house and then ended up going about 200 miles out of our way. Then we got over charged for an extra day with the truck and found out also that one of the boxes we left was the one with all of our personal papers in it and they won't send them to us. Sighhhh. I have a twisted/swollen muscle in my back which is still screaming and the closest mall is about an hour away BUT we have arrived and have got the boys set up in school. Today was their first day and I have pics of them getting on the bus - which picks them up in front of the house!! No bus stop - they get door to door service.

So we have dial-up internet because there is no dsl service out by us yet. Right now we are at a local coffee shop surfing and will probably have to do this for awhile until we get everything straightened out here. I can design, as soon as we hook up our computers tonight. Despite all of the aggravation, we are loving it here. It's beautiful and cold lol. It's been in the 40's since we got here but it feels good. John loves it and Charles..well, he is his Mother's son but he is trying to act like he's ok with the cold lol. He went out the second night we were here in his shorts and no shirt and squealed like a little girl lol - don't tell him I said that lol. But it was definitely funny. The scenery is just awesome and Charles loves the view from his window. John is loving the outdoors period. There are 3 dogs around us that he plays with and he has trees to climb etc., Alex can't get over how incredibly nice everyone is and how they talk to you like they have known you for years lol. I am loving the scenery and the quiet. True I am a city girl - I'm a Brooklyn Girl after all - but I love to live in the country with the city close enough to go to if I wanted to.

Well I just wanted to drop in, say hello and let you all know I was still breathing. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to get on during the day while the boys are at school and finally get back to some sort of normalcy.