Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Nope, didn't do it. Now before you get all annoyed read WHY. Here's the scoop of poop.

Alex and I took Charles over to the dentist office for his root canal. After he is in we let the lady at the desk know that we are going for a leisurely stroll down to the school to vote. We go and it's pretty much empty. Maybe 5 people ahead of us. There were A LOT of voters who did their voting early so today was a breeze. Well it would have been a breeze - if it weren't my life. We get on line, fill out our ballot request and go down to the area marked "S" to sign in or whatever. Pfftt, yeah right. My name is not on the list. Well isn't that just special? OK so I go over to the man in charge - who happens to be a friend and neighbor of ours - Thank God - and he chuckles until he sees the ID I have in my hand. It was my Voters Registration card - only it wasn't. You see when Alex & I registered in January, I got my card back in the mail. No envelope or anything just the card. I figured no big deal, it's a new state maybe they logged it and then I would just bring it back on Election day. I thought maybe it was just how they verified that I was me and where I lived etc. Alex told me he got his registration card and I was like - cool. Didn't give it a second thought. So there I am standing there and Mel tells me to hold on and he calls another gentleman over who looks at my card and says Uh oh. Yeah not good. He calls down to the Board of Elections or wherever and says that he has me there, he has the card and last thing is "Yeah I kinda thought so" End result "I am NOT registered wit the state of Tennessee and sorry NO you cannot vote. They were so upset for me. I just laughed and said "Yeah Murphy is alive & well and STILL living in my house." So I got to stand there while Alex voted and got his sticker. I, myself am stickerless because firstly they messed up by sending it back to me and I messed up by not paying attention and thinking to ask a question.

Election Day!

Is everyone getting out to vote? Alex was checking over the sample ballots online yesterday since this is the first voting year in a new state. This is kinda like the night before Christmas for him lol. Anyway since the schools are closed today we have a dentist appointment for Charles at noon so that is when voting will be done lol. Two birds, one stone.

Today I need to upload my little Puppy kit and finish up my posting bonuses and make up my sale ad WHOOPS did I say SALE? Shhh, well it's not like I said 70% off of $10 or more in my Boutique WHOOPS. I better leave now ;)