Monday, July 16, 2007

Deadliest Catch

You know, I LOVE Crabs, I don't care which one you give me I will eat crab legs until there are no more. Recently I received a rude awakening on my gluttony. While I was stuck lying in my bed I had nothing more to do than channel surf (and draw doodles) and I came across a show on the Discovery Channel that I probably normally wouldn't have watched. My Pop and my Mom before she passed away, were very big into fishing. Pop still is. Anyway I came across this show called "Deadliest Catch" It turns out it was about the men who catch crabs in the Barents Sea so I said to myself, ok this will be a cool way to spend a half hour or an hour. Well it happened to be a marathon they were running and I watched everyone of them! I was instantly hooked. These men put themselves out there in the worst weather up in Alaska to race literally for their share of crabs. Everything from Alasken Snow Crabs to Otille (I hope I am spelling this right lol) they go after these crabs throwing their pots in the water in the hope of leading their target and hauling in tons - literally - of crabs.

In the 10 days or so that I have been watching this show 9 men were lost to the sea. Some were not found at all and some were found but couldn't be resuscitated. One man was saved and it was just so emotional. Now I am not an emotional person, I have cried once in the last 10 years or so literally. But I am getting older and menopause is kicking in (sorry if that is too much information) When they lose these men I can feel the pain of their families and friends. My boys lost their father and I know the emotions that can ravage your system. These men and their families know that every time they leave it could really be the last time their families see them and vice-versa. Don't get me wrong this show is not filled with doom and gloom, they have alot of fun too and the comradery is awesome.

They show different boats, captains and crews and you learn about all they go through. There are the playful seals who use the markers as play toys and end up busting them (funny but expensive) the wonderful whale sightings, and all of the logistics for this incredibly difficult profession. I know maybe you are not interested in this but I think that sometimes we need a wake up call to remember the people who are behind the scenes making our lives easier and comfortable. I mean I am willing to bet my life that 99.99% of you would not be willing to endure all they do just to have a crab dinner. If you get a minute, go over to the Discovery Channel and check out just one episode of this great show, I guarantee it will give you a new perspective. (I put the link in Deadliest Catch above)

Don't Label me

Well, unless you are using these lol. These are 16 water and bubble labels I made for you. They are all on one png sheet so you can cut them out and use them wherever ;) Each one is approximately 3 inches. I hope you enjoy them. Please remember to not share the link but send people here to my blog to download them instead. A little love would be nice too ;)

Have a great day!