Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Absolutely insane

Yep, that's me. I spent half the morning trying to make a blinkie, everytime I did it, it kept coming out lust over 19k ARGH. I deleted layers, shortened time etc drove me nuts, finally I got one that I like. Now I have to change my other blinkies because they are out of proportion according to the sizes I need. At least I finally - pretty much - have it down to a science now lol. Argh. What else, well, I am on my 9th load of laundry since Saturday evening and have at least 8 more to go. Yeah, I found them ALL in My youngest's room on Saturday when I spent 5 hours trying to clean it -- it's still not done >:( Blankets, clothes, his brother's clothes all thrown around - then finally piled on empty plactes of food, pudding cups, food wrappers etc., nails, screws, asstd tools, toys, ARGH A veritable treasure trove of crap! OMG what a mess, and that's just in the matter of 10 days. Now the rule is, you don't go out or go online until the room is back to the way it is supposed to be. No more of "PLEASE, I will do it when I come back. So and so is going here or there and won't be able to come out tomorrow" TOO BAD. Life is tough. A little mess I can understand but that was just disgusting. Some stuff I didn't even know what is was when it started. ANYWAY, so I finished 1 blinkie, did a little of my new kit for the store, did laundry and that's about it. Now I need to make another blinkie - actually 2 and make my rounds again over at DSC and finish up the Mega Kit for March. Then I can go make dinner (insert rolling eyes emoticon here) I will have another freebie just have to sort through them still, I am debating what to give out next lol. CYA l8tr