Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a quick hello

then I will have to be off. I hope you are all enjoying our Blog train at Divine Digital and that you had a wonderful time helping us celebrate our 3rd Birthday! Many of our links for the blog train will stay up for a week but some may not be so I hope you managed to get them all.

Yesterday I found out that the Library would be closed today and tomorrow so I had to make a quick change to get a little internet service today. I left Alex at home sleeping - poor man will be working until midnight tonight so I didn't want to make him get up early. Also he had stayed up last night until 2 in the morning watching Charles play Silent Hill 4 lol. I got Charles up this morning and asked if he wanted to come with me this morning. So we ran a couple of errands and grabbed a card and gift for Alex for Easter and now are sitting at Subway. I hate subway but this tuna sandwich is ok. What can I say? I am from NY and worked in a deli through High School - I know what cold cuts are supposed to taste like and Subway is just not it. I mean heck this tuna sandwich they mae me? They asked if I wanted the bread toasted so I said yes - they put the tuna on and THEN toasted it!! Sigh, just not what I am used to. It's Good Friday so no meat today. Tonight I will be making my Pasta for dinner. Pasta, mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes. Yummy. I was able to get a leg of Lamb for Easter Dinner YAY! I haven't had Lamb in I don't know how long. That really stinks because I usually use it to make my sauce as well. Well Baby steps I guess lol.

OK onto business - have you seen my new designs? I will have more in the boutique next week too!

And don't forget:

OK Well I need to go for now I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter and weekend!