Friday, May 2, 2008

Pass this on!

I don't usually post stuff like this on my blog since it came through an e-mail but this one is realy important!

Yesterday, both the U.S. House of Representative and the U.S. Senate introduced two versions of the orphan works bill. Both the Senate version, S.2913, and the House version, H.R.5889 are very similar in nature and closely mirror the Orphan Works Act of 2006.


Find your representative:
http://www.usa. gov/Contact/ Elected.shtml

To get the attention of your representatives, you need to
immediately do ALL FOUR of the following steps:

1. Call the representative and give the bill numbers and say I oppose this (You'll get someone who works for your representative and they will log your address and your pro/con feedback.)

2. email your representative

3. Overnight or priority mail a snail mail letter

4. Fax a letter

Get as many signatures as possible on the paper copies. Do all 4 steps if you want to be heard!

There is a small window of time to voice your opposition
usually the best time to act is in the 48 hours following the release of the bill number!

Here is a sample letter you can edit and send to your local and/orstate representatives and Senators. These letters work best when you make your point clear, do not curse, and make them aware that you live in their district or state and can vote for or against them.

Feel free to make this personal with your story on how the Orphan Works legislation will harm your income. Stories are incredibly powerful.

Faxes work better than e-mails, as e-mails are too easy to delete.

Congressman/ Congresswoman/ Senator (their name)
(their contact info)
Fax: (their fax number)

Re: The Orphan Works legislation

Dear (their name),

My name is (your name) and I live in (your city, state). After reading about the Orphan Works bill, I am shocked and outraged that this could happen in our country.

This Orphan Works legislation, if passed, will severely impact my income and life as an artist. Not only will it give license for others to legally steal and use my work for free, it will be virtually impossible for me to afford the time and money to register my creations in all the potential new registries.

(your personal story if you wish. It should show hardship under the new bill)

I strongly urge you to vote AGAINST the Orphan Works bill and protect my rights, my copyrights, to all that I have and will create.

Thank you.


(your name)
(your address)