Wednesday, February 28, 2007

DAZ DEAL you can't miss this one!!

"We asked you to look forward to a big promotion this week and here it is! We have compiled 100 DAZ Original items including over 60 popular Published Artist items that have recently been acquired and turned into DAZ Originals. We’re letting you (Platinum Club members) vote to decide which ones go on sale as Platinum Club items throughout the week. We call it our Member’s Choice sale. Vote today in the Member’s Choice Poll and select the product you’d like to see go on sale tomorrow, then check back tomorrow to see which items are in the top 10 most popular and purchase each at the $1.99 Platinum Club price for one day only. The 10 items that go on sale that day will drop off the list and go back to normal pricing when the sale is over. Then, vote from the 90 remaining items for the item you want for $1.99 the next day, and so on through Saturday. Five days of Platinum Club pricing with 10 items each day. "

Holey Cow!!! I just got 4 items out of the 10 available for today $7.96!! The regular price on these items? $298!!! The only reason why we didn't get the other 6 is that we already have them lol. You can get Hexagon 2.1 Download for $1.99 Today only, tomorrow the deal is gone!!

The Dog Bundle and the Horse Bundle we already have but I finally got to snag the Safari bundle WOOHOOO. It's normally $80 and even with the 30% discount, it was still a little steep for me - but today for $1.99, I SNAGGED it lol. I really love DAZ, they are always good to their customers and still have the personal touch. If you don't have a Platinum Club Account with them you need to get one really it is waaayyy worth it. And as always DAZ Studio is FREE!!!!

New Freebie!! Silly girl!

Yep, I was making one kit and suddenly made something by accident and went off on a tangent lol. This is the result. I thought it would be a great little kit for that special teen, or even a goofy adult!

SORRY THIS LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED. Look for it in the DSC Bargain Area coming soon!

Please remember to leave some love if you snag this kit. Also, please send people to my blog to download it, no file sharing please. OK, you know the routine, click on the image and the download will start! Have a good one!

Movie Quote Challenge, Chats, Sales & More

Yep that's what I said MOVIE QUOTE CHALLENGE. Around here, whenever things happen, we always quote a movie. Like when we tell the kids something 10 times and on the 10th time they give us that look like they are surprised we said it. One of us will usually say (in our best Joe Pesci voice) "You were serious about dat?" (My Cousin Vinny) Or when the kids play dumb - who can remember Vinny Barbarino? "I'm so confused!!" or "Who? What?" Where?" I know you must have a ton of them like we do (even if you don't use them on kids lol)

So here is your mission - Come up with one of your favorite quotes and incorporate it into a LO. Be sure to add the journaling somewhere in it which tells us which Movie (or tv show is ok too) Who said it etc., Of course extra journaling is great too to tell us what is happening in your LO that is symbolic of the Quote.

Come on, let's get going and see all the great things we can come up with!!

Of course, there is a prize to be had here as well!

Also be sure to check out the SKETCH CHALLENGE I am hosting and Lynncal is hosting the COLOR CHALLENGE!

This Friday night at 11:00 PM EST is a Chat with Rhonda! "It's Gotta Be Almost Spring"

Enableem's 50% off sale ends today and so does my 30% off sale! Better Hurry.

There are also new kits in the SCRAP SHOP, more challenges, more fun..... Come by and join us!