Sunday, June 10, 2007

OK I'm back

I tried sleeping but my oldest DS wanted breakfast (he's 14, I said make your own breakfast lol) then my youngest DS wanted something so I made them both toast LOL I fell back to sleep for a little while but I just couldn't sleep right so I gave up lol.

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Look at the time.....

This is a little gross so if you are easily made to feel ill, you might want to skip this one lol. It's 7:22 a.m. EST and I am up at the computer feeling like death warmed over lol. I went to sleep at about 2:30 this morning. Why, you might ask, am I up at this time? Well at 6:12 or so this morning my youngest DS woke me up by knocking on my door. He wasn't feeling well and had gotten sick all over the bathroom. When I say ALL OVER, that is exactly what I mean. Apparently he wasn't feeling well, went to the bathroom and managed to make it to the toilet to get sick. He felt better got up to wash his hands and that was when his stomach apparently decided to let him know that he was nowhere near done. The entire bathroom was covered, sink, toilet, tub, wall, counter....just everywhere. He has no fever but had enjoyed at least 2 gatorades of which one bottle was actually a mix of both the yellow and blue kind. At first I was a little scared because it was red, but between the gatorade dye and the fact that there were no streaks only that pink color and no fever, I am not so worried. I can almost guarantee he will be feeling better within a few hours. He has since gone back to sleep, his older brother went in with him to make sure he was ok (insert big smiling emoticon here). Anyway I spent about 20 minutes or more bleaching out the bathroom, I LOVE that Clorox spray. I will be going back in to check on him in a bit, just to make sure he is sleeping comfortably. I think it's too late to go back to bed and seeing as how everyone else in the house is asleep I might just putter around then later, after everyone else is up I might take a nap lol. My boys almost NEVER get sick, they have allergies but that's really about it THANK GOD. I hate when they are sick, I know how absolutely miserable they feel and no matter how old they get, it will always make me feel bad.

**EDIT- First thank you for the well wishes for my DS. He is feeling better now and has eaten some crackers. I also gave him hot water to drink which soothes the stomach for all of you who didn't know that ;) I think I found the culprit. He told me that besides the Gatorades he also has Fruit Punch Soda that one of his friends gave him. My boys can't have all that junk. They are used to juice, water and milk. The closest we come to "junk drinks" (as I call them) are Capri Sun or Sunny D, oonce in a blue moon I buy soda and they are only allowed 1 glass with dinner. So between all the junk drinks he had and the hot sun and being at the pool all day, it made him sick.