Sunday, June 10, 2007

OK I'm back

I tried sleeping but my oldest DS wanted breakfast (he's 14, I said make your own breakfast lol) then my youngest DS wanted something so I made them both toast LOL I fell back to sleep for a little while but I just couldn't sleep right so I gave up lol.

Two announcements now. First today is the LAST DAY of the 45% off sale at HODS!! Not all of my designs which are here at HODS are available at DSC so if there is something you want grab it now!

And it is also the FIRST day of the 40% off sale over at DSC! Gail, Shannon and I are really going out with a bang so be sure to check out our designs there!

Here are a few of Gail and Shannon's Designs:

Be sure to check it all out! Have a great day!

1 comment:

PsiPsi said...

Your things look great
hope you are gong to have a better night and more sleep, without the boys waking you up for things they can do for their own*lol*
sleep well