Saturday, December 16, 2006

My New Project ....

Like I really needed something else to do. Anyway, we printed out our Christmas cards and got the list together, we knew we were going to have to get envelopes but we figured no big deal right? WRONG. Sigh....... the cards are 4X6 and all of the enveloped were either 4x6 - which of course won't fit the cards, or they were 9.5 inches long or they were like $10 for 18 ... yeah .... uhhh..... NO. We need 40 of them and I am so NOT paying $30 for envelopes. So instead, we went to WalMart (I know it's supposed to be the poor man's mall but ya know what, most of the time you just can't go wrong there) We found a box of 50 colored, self sealing envelopes FOR CARDS for under $6. SOLD. So we get them home, I put a card in one nd it disappears lol. It's too wide and it's just about 1/5 inch too short height ways to flip the card. So Alex says "Ut oh" and just gives me the big silly grin as if to say "I know you're already aggravated but I love you, please don't kill me" So I stared at it for a minute then slid the card in again, flapped over the seal part and folded it right where the card ended. Voila! A perfect sqaure! A little ribbon and some stickers and we will have gift styled envelopes! I am just not going out and looking for more envelopes. Will take pics and show you the result tomorrow or Sunday. It should be cute.

So to answer the common question, I ended up being up for 64 hours with no sleep. I finally went to bed Thursday morning around 1:30. I guess I got alot done but it still feels like I have alot more to do. I am almost done with another kit, it's actually a nice sized one too. It started out as red and black in one genre and ended up with gold added in a totally different genre. I named it for Alex. He was my inspiration for this kit. I am not quite done yet. Actually I am typing this while waiting for one of my background papers to run it's course so I can save it and move onto the matching QP for that design. As of right now there are 5 background pages, 3 QPs, 18 elements plus 5 large elments and 3 wordarts done in 3 different styles. I really liked doing this kit. Nope no preview till tomorrow when it's done. It's already late/early and I know I won't finish it before then. This weekend is decorating the tree and making the wreath as well as the Christmas cards being done and mailed out. I have to go through the pictures from when we were doing our little village too.l It should look really nice once it's all completed. John is all excited and can't wait. He's been asking everyday, can we decorate tonight? By tomorrow the branches should be dropped on the tree and ready for decorating.

Well, I am going to go finish up the kit for tonight. Tomorrow .... or rather today - is another day.