Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My head is still spinning

from all of the fun things going on this month at SAS! First I want to show you the SAS-Y Impromptu submission that Tracy did:

Isn't it awesome? I still can't believe she found the time to get it done ;)

You can find this month's SAS-Y Impromptu Birthday Challenge here:


Stone Accents Studio is 1 year old!

I can't believe it's been a year already. There are so many fun things going on this month too!

Join us for the "Next SAS-Y Designer" contest - Find the thread HERE and the first week's submissions HERE.

You can vote for your favoriteS, YES I said FAVORITES. Plural. You can choose up to 3 or 4 of your favorite submissions and vote for them all. Be sure to hold the control key down then click on your favorites and submit your vote! This has been a lot of fun so far so don't miss out on it! There are currently 33 FREE kit submissions and it's only the first week!

The SAS-Y Layout Design Challenge thread can be found HERE

The SAS-Y Member Mega Kit thread can be found HERE

The SAS-Y Scavenger Hunt thread can be found HERE

The SAS-Y New Blinkie Contest thread HERE

The SAS-Y Template Exchange thread HERE

The SAS-Y Post the Most Thread HERE

The SAS-Y Download a Day thread HERE

The SAS-Y Team has also put out some awesome Sales for you! To find out what is currently on sale you can visit this thread HERE

OK gotta run for now!