Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Wow a three day weekend that flew by then a Monday that came and went unbelievably quick and now it's Tuesday already. Sheesh. OK let's see what I have. I have a few new designs hitting the store. These are the Add-On Elements and Guys pack to my Goth Series:

Now I made so much of this design that I couldn't possibly get it all into the store. Last time I checked there was over 150 megs of designs here and that was in addition to the "Oh My Goth" kit which is already in the store. I had a lot of fun with this set. Thanks to everyone who left me such nice comments on that kit. I am glad you liked it ;)

This is a part which I decided not to sell but I will offer it up for anyone who buys 2 of my Goth Sets. So, if you buy "Oh My Goth" and either the Add-On Elements or the "Oh My Goth - Guys" before July 31 and send me a copy of your invoices I will send you the link to this kit - "Oh My Goth - Friends"

Coming up this weekend is the Divine Digital Grab Bag Sale so don't miss out ;)