Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas Freebie

OK here we go, hot off the PS7! This kit has three backgrounds, 2 ribbons, 2 trees, 2 snowflakes and a doodle angel.

The pic blurs my little angel but that's because she has a gold trim effect to her, she is fine don't worry ;) Please remember that if you download this kit to leave sum love ok? Makes me want to make more to put up here! Clicking on the pic will get you the download! Enjoy and please if you want other people to see this or have it send them here to get it ok? Thanks a bunch!

As promised Village and Tree pics

OK, we have been home for about an hour or so, each of us was already on the phone, the kids are fed and we figured out a few things lol. Stress is at it's max right now too but hey....what can you do? We have each other and our kids are happy and healthy, who could ask for more? So here are the pics of our village and our tree. The tree is smaller this year so we ended up leaving off some of the ornaments lol.

No, the tree is not leaning lol. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas NOT lol. We just went shopping and I was wearing sandals and capris lol. Oh well, ok going to go finish the freebie and will come back to post it up for you in a little bit!

So what do you think?

FINALLY, I think this is pretty close to the way I want the layout to look. The background images loose some of their definition but....what can ya do? The little designs are actually little pearls. Anyway, I like this better. So now, I owe you pictures of the Village and our tree, some more previews of kits and .....ummmmm oh yeah A FREEBIE!! LOL I am working on a little kit for Christmas for all of you but first I am trying to finish up my contribution for the December Mega Kit over at DSC (link to the left lol) So seriously - honestly everything should be posted up here by tonight. I have to take a 45 minute ride to the doctors to get my prescriptions for our meds. Adderall is considered a controlled substance and is therefore not available for refill. What a PITA. It's real fun come hurricane time, try making sure you have enough when it's too early to get another script but the doctor could be closed for as long as two weeks. It's also not available for the free gift cards they give out at grocery stores and pharmacies can you believe that? I pay $110 for each of the 3 prescriptions per month since we don't have insurance and yet I am not eligible for a freaking gift card. Plus the doctor runs another $100 when we go to see him. ANYWAY, I have to go shlep to do that and get the scripts filled and get John from school then go out again to get his big Christmas gift. I have no idea what to get him. He has a list but he isn't asking for anything big so I will have to wing it. We also have to pack up the stuff for Alexa and for New York and get more stamps for the cards. Nevermind dinner and stuff. OK gonna go get moving and I will be back later with some goodies!